A game, similar to chess, which involves 'Four Dimensional Thinking'.

History Edit


Rules Edit

4-Dimensional Chess is similar to both normal and 3-Dimensional chess, two versions based on those two games.

Regardless of which version is being played, it plays like normal chess, accept that when a piece is captured, the capturing side, can start a new 'timeline', a secondary game, whose start is based on a previous turn in the game. Due tot he complicated nature of these games and the fact that secondary timelines can spawn more timelines, they are often played with holographic projectors.

Depending on the version of the game, there are differences beyond a 2 or 3 dimensional playing field. In some versions, capturing the king in any timeline results in a victory, or pieces can jump across timelines. These sort of rules must be agreed upon before playing.

Trivia Edit

  • It is inspired from 3-Dimensional Chess from Star Trek

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