Alternate Form(s): none
Age: N/A
Height: 40 ft/12m
Weight: N/A
Home world: Earth
Series: TBA
Type: Mecha
Family N/A
Affiliation TBA
Created by Zombiejiger
The 41-AZ Faust is a vastly superior machine compared to the 29-SV R-Link, being physically stronger and featuring four wrist-mounted cannons, the same as used by the R-Links carbine. It is a medium sized mecha, but veers very close to a heavyweight.


  • Wrist Cannons: The Faust features four cannons, the same that were carried as rifles and carbines by earlier mechas. These are mounted on the wrists, two to each arm.
  • Strength: The Faust is quite strong, capable of throwing and beating other mechas with ease.
  • Armor: The 41-AZ has armor capable of taking cuts from the 29-NA's sword arm.


  • The Faust is named after several things, including:
    • Dark Faust, a villain from Ultraman Nexus.
    • The German word faust, which means fist.
  • The Faust's oddly-shaped head was inspired by Loki's helmet from The Avengers.


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