A1. Falcon
Alternate Form(s): Jet like vehicle
Age: N/A
Height: 35 M
Weight: 60,000 tons
Home world: Earth
Series: Tales of Super Robots (SolZen321)
Type: Super Robot
Family N/A
Affiliation Fusion Industries
Created by SolZen321

A Super Robot that turns into a sort of jet, it was designed for air combat.

Description Edit

The A1. Falcon resembles a typical Super Robot, tall, humanoid, but he has a cone head and jet wings on his back. He is primarily yellow with a flame decor paint scheme and rocket engines on the ends of his wings.

He has a human like face and a triangular chest.

Stats Edit

  • Purpose: Air combat.
    • Top Speed: Mach 2. 5 (In jet Mode)
  • Mode of Operation: Remote Control
  • Horsepower: 35,000
  • Power Source: Rocket Fuel
  • Devices:
    • Rocket Engines: Located on his wings, they are the kind used for fighter pilots but scaled up
    • Leg Rockets: Modified Rocket Engines, they are his primary means of flight
    • Search Lights: His eyes can project very bright beams.
  • Arsenal
    • Strength:
    • Missiles: The A1 Falcon is equipped with missiles in his chest and his back/wings.
    • Rocket Arms:

History Edit

The Falcon was designed for Air combat in the ever expanding field of Super Robots. One was given to the Dutchess to use as a personal weapon for testing.

Transformation Edit

The Falcon's change is very simple, in jet mode his arms are connected to his wings and his waist turns as his legs become thrusters.

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