The sweet motherly maid, she transforms into a pink robot with the ability to materialize blasters.

Appearance Edit

In human form AC, resembles a Caucasian woman with blonde hair in pigtails, wearing a blue maid outfit with a white appron. She has blue eyes and is slim built.

In robot form, she is a pink robot with white armor. Her helmet has white cones and she has a white backpack that supplies her with guns.

Personality Edit

AC is generally seen as the mother of the bunch, being the only one who can cook. However she is the most child like, being the most easily fooled and tends to treat Koji like a child at times to his annoyance. She is also the one most likely to cry. She can be described as an airhead at times.

Despite her sweet disposition, AC is a gun enthusiast, and can be seen cleaning her gun collection. In fact when she is around a gun she likes, she can disturbing and in battle she can be blood thirsty to the point the others find her disturbing. This disturbing behavior is also noted when she is angry and she gives of an aura of horror to put the others in their place.

Like the others she, she has a fixation on her master and strives to be his favorite.

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Cooking and Cleaning: AC is the only of the girls who can cook and clean.
  • Human Form: Like the other girls, she can take on a human appearance, being physically indistinguishable on the surface.
  • Blasters: From her backpack, she can summon a vast number and variety of different guns, mostly blasters, plasma cannons and laser weapons. She have some atypical forms of energy weapons like a lightning gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is based on Arcee from Transformers.

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