The self-proclaimed bodyguard of the group.

Appearance Edit

ATV in robot form, is a gynoid in blue armor, with an upward wide brimmed crest. Her armor is thick but curved, giving her a buff appearance. Her ears are round and she has silver hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion.

In human form, she resembles a buff woman with a long ponytail, wearing a black shirt and army pants, with boots.

Personality Edit

ATV thinks that the solution to every problem is to hit it, or hit it harder. She can be abrasive and confrontation about anything but her own failings. She is the first to action and the last to consider said actions. Like the other two she dots on Koji and genuinely wishes to see him happy.

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: She is the physically strongest of the group.
  • Battle Axe: A combat axe with a blade of plasma
  • Riot Shield: An energy shield emitted from her arm.

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