Series: A Sound of Giants
Name: A Kingdom Come
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: A Walk in The Park: Short Story
Next Episode: TBA
Note: The character Descriptions are in the links

 Characters Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

"Why..." asked the man in white robes. He spoke the Lady in White, the one from before who was Maxion's wife. The two where in a white void, but somehow she was lying on the floor, with a remote, watching a TV screen that showed images from all over the Earth.

"Why, what...?" she replied with a mischievous tone.

"That's the problem with you evolutionaries, no wisdom or understanding..."

"Oh, please, as if that's what it takes to get up here, and once you do, then what, you still needed Maxion to create your little munchkins in the first place."

"War is coming, one day this realm will be set ablaze if they are not dealt with and your 'beloved' Maxion has decided he will not do what is needed!"

"What is needed...?" She said with an unhappy tone "You made him like that, against his will, is it any wonder that he wants nothing to do with you lot...Besides that 'war' is just your paranoia..."

"Do not be foolish, the renegades, they must be stopped before..."

"Before what, you know 'they' will not allow anyone to trouble to them, so stop wasting my time. To answer your first question, I did it because he asked me to, nicely, with some level of respect. Any more questions..."

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