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Name: A Sound of Giants
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: A March of Shadow: Short Story (Not SRA Canon)

Super Robot Academy: Episode 1

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Characters Edit

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Part 1 Edit

The flame shot across the void of space, no one was sure what it was, no one had seen a ball of blue fire just speed across the sky before. This asteroid came under the view of the world's most advance telescope and space bound scanners, they could detect no mass, no substance, it was almost as if it didn't exist, yet they could see the blue light it gave off.

The light, the fire, flew into the Earth's atmosphere, but despite all scientific opinions, it did not self-destruct in the atmosphere, like most asteroids its size would have. It collided into the ground...and then nothing. The meteorite that had so many scientists interested was just gone. No amount of digging or scanning or examining would reveal its location.

Nearly a decade had passed and the area where the meteor had landed had become to a small town. It had grown as scientists came about and went trying to figure out the mystery of the blue comet. This town, this hilly area, this arid place where few once lived, had become home to a field of strawberries, seemingly over night. What was once a small village by the coast, was now a small town with large building devoted to scientific research.

This was the place Jack had grown up, a teenager with red hair, brown eyes and clear skin town, he had watched as the small town her knew grew to be a little city. He was on his bike looking at one of the area quarantined by the government for study, an entire field of strawberries that was now considered unsafe to eat due to the experiments done to them. Since the meteor strike, the town had been exporting strawberry jam in droves, a jam that had the odd property of making people...better. No one in the town got sick anymore, at least those who ate strawberries regularly, the doctor mainly own bandaged wounds, or serious cuts. Outside the town, people were reporting incredible recoveries, that testing had implied was because of the jam. This had brought everyone, medical companies, government agencies and conspiracy theorists alike.

Jack looked at the fields in his school uniform, a white shirt with a cream jacket and khaki long pants. He looked with a tired, sad expression until he saw her. There was a girl, at least he thought it was a girl, she looked androgynous in her black short pants and long leather boots, she wore a white blouse a and garterbelt for boots, along with a red cape on her back, that stopped at her lower back. She was thin, about his age and height, but she was thin and she had jet black short hair, jade green eyes.

When Jack called to her, it was those eyes that collected all of his attention. Even from afar he could feel them staring at him, looking through him, leaving him petrified. Even from afar he could see the green of her eyes, almost as if they glowed. A feeling of shock and awe left him immobile.

"Jack...?" said Marcel, the blonde, blue eyed girl with long curly hair. She wore his uniform but as a girl she wore a long grey skirt instead of khaki pants. She also rode a bike up the hill and had touched him on his shoulder. This 'woke him up' as he looked back, he wiped the sweat from his brow and looked back at the field. The girl was gone, disappeared. Now Jack was left wondering where she went, there was no way a girl that small could just run away from sight in any direction. "What are you looking at...?"

"There was..." he rode down to in front the strawberry patch, one of several lining the path to the large building in the distance. Marcel rode after him "There was a girl here, in the patch..."

"Uh-oh, that's not good, don't they spray these ones with chemicals? Or is it radiation, regardless, no one is suppose to be in them. We should tell someone..."

"NO, no one would believe us, come on, let's get to class..."

Part 2 Edit

Fusion Industries, was but one of the companies that had taken an interest with the area and it's strawberries. It was a company that was mainly interested in creating life support systems in space, it was a company that built food towers, towers housing automated farms that help alleviate the world's food problems. Now it's president, Maxine Potter, sat in a room with a scientist waiting to be impressed. She was a middle ages woman with red hair touching her upper back, a slim figure and tan skin. She had green eyes and wore a bright yellow work suit, almost always wore high heel shoes.

She sat at a table in a room alone, her arms crossed and her expression sour, as a scientist attempted to set up his device. He had messy brown hair, blue eyes and wore glasses. He was think and wore a lab coat, with something in all the pockets, over his plaid shirt, black pants and sneakers.

"Well...?" said Maxine, annoyed and impatient.

"Give me a second, trust me, you are going to love this..." His device was a cylinder capsule with a glass door, its control was connected to it by a cable. After finally plugging it in and setting the frequency, he pulled out several strawberries from his pocket and placed them in the machine, finally getting Maxine's interest. "Your ladyship..." he said with a sycophantic tone "I present to you, the mystery of the Fields of Ocean Town!" He pressed a button, a noise came from his little device as rings light up above and below the strawberries. They began to glow, giving of a blue light, before shedding blue particles that danced about in the capsule.

Maxine got up and walked towards the device. She looked at the blue particles with wonder and then a look of discomfort.

"What, are those...?" she asked.

"Photonic Particles..."


"Recently a University in the states discovered by accident that Photons can be caused to behave like particles instead of waves. Light can be made to behave like matter, now this does match up with the theory of Relativity that all particles can behave like waves and waves can behave like particles under the right circumstances."

"So, why aren't we dead, this is just radiation..."

"Maybe it's the frequency that has been converted, perhaps it just naturally causes good health in people, it is difficult for me to analyze them, if not impossible. This is a branch of science that has only just grown. Maxine and the scientist turned to the door, the girl from the fields had just entered the room. Seconds later the sound of a slap echoed through the building. The girl's cheek had begun to swell up, the door began to close and her angry mother stood in front of her. Yet, her expression remained the same cold stare as always.

"Where have you been, my men have been looking up and down for you...!?" Maxine shouted. The girl was silent and then looked passed her and walked away.

"Is that...?" said the girl, to the scientist, who now had an uncomfortable look on his face "A magnetic resonator...?"

"Uh, yes..." He looked even more uncomfortable as her mother glared his direction

"And are those Photonic Particles..."

"Uh,how do you know that...?"

"I am very smart, despite being home schooled, also I was listening through the door."

"Ah, shouldn't you be somewhere..."

"Oh right, my cage..." Maxine flared up even more, calming herself only when she left.

"Prf. Sen..." said Maxine


"Can you build a larger version of this...?"

"yes, why...?"

"Just see to it that it is done...!"

Part 3 Edit

Maxine pushed open the doors of her daughter's room, a large separate apartment. The main room was a large space with doors on the side to other rooms, a dining table in the middle and a piano by the balcony. It was here that her daughter could be found.

She was on the piano playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, while her robotic butler stood next to her. It was a humanoid robot, with a brick shaped head with round photon receptors, and an oval shaped disk to create a face, bearing a triangular piece for a nose, and a rectangular opening with a stereo in it. He wore a black suit with a white shirt, the jacket ha d a waist tail on the back.

"Where have you been...!?" she shouted again.

"Mistress..." said the butler "Your maternal unit has asked about your prior whereabouts..."

"I was outside..."

(Maxine) "Where...?"

(Butler) "Please specify..."

"Among the fields..." Maxine slammed her daughter's head into the piano keys, making a horrid noise

"You know full well...?" said Maxine "You know full well, Sarah, that you are not suppose to be in the Strawberry fields! We've irradiated, sprayed and scanned those fields. They are waiting to be disposed of and the land cleared...!"

"Mistress...?" asked the robot as Sara looked at him.

"There is no radiation there, is there...?" asked Sara, to her robot.

"Scanners conclude that there is no harmful radiation in the surrounding fields, yet another of the mysteries of this area...!" Maxine just glared at the robot, before her daughter sat up, pushing away her hand. Sarah paused for a moment and began to play again.

"You will be going to school tomorrow..." Sarah stopped abruptly, slamming down on the keys "Clearly, you long for more than just these walls, so fine, you will be going to school tomorrow." Sarah looked back and stared at her mother. "Well, something to say...?" Sarah turned to her butler.

"Well, this is an unexpected development..." Sarah.

"Indeed, mistress..." replied the robot. Maxine sneered and stomped away, slamming the doors behind her.

Jack didn't know where he was, not at first. The darkness and the fires in the distance were new to him and he didn't know how to react, not first. Then came the fear, then came the terror as the two giants stood up. They were shadows, their forms hidden by the darkness, kept seperate from the rest of the dark by the backgrounds of flames and the light of their eyes. One had dark green eyes, the other had red eyes, they charged and tackled the other, and began grappling, trying to overpower the other. The other shook under the weight of the bluster and Jack fell down onto what he realized were strawberries, still on the vines, but now dead and rotten. He jumped up in disgust and looked to see the two giant fire eye beams. This clash of energy sent out a wave of destruction that woke him up.

Jack was in class, it was morning, there was no girl this morning, or the evening before. He was tired now, having dove of before first class. It was now that the teacher entered, and the class sat down.

"Right, so first business for this morning, we have a new student, a miss Sarah Potter..." In walked Sara, wearing the girl's uniform. Instead of his normal stoic expression, she was unhappy. Jack's jaw dropped, as he looked at her in shock.

Part 4 Edit

"So, what is it...?" asked the general. He looked at a screen showing sphere of purple energy.

"It..." said a scientist "is following the same trajectory as the blue sphere did some decades ago..."


"We adjusted the course for cosmic drift, but it's the same course..."

"Another one...?"


"What does that mean...?"

"We're detecting mass from this one..."

"What, how much...?"

"A massive amount, whatever this is, it could destroy Ocean City..."

"So..." said one of the girls in class. They and most of the boys had gathered around Sarah's desk "You're last name is 'Potter', Maxine Potter wouldn't happen to be your mom...?"

"Unfortunately..." said Sarah, sulking on the desk.

"What's your problem...?"

"My mother forced me into this...thing around my waist..."

"A skirt...?"

"I call it personified evil, but yes, I suppose that it the actual word for it..."

"What, you've never worn a skirt before...?"


"You're a strange one..."

"Oh, strange is all relative, after all I'm the new kid, from my position, you're all weird. Think about it, you're all 'normal' kids, but you're weird..." Everyone was silent.

"You're weird..." said a girl. There was a smirk on Sara's face for but a moment, long enough for everyone to see.

"...And I'm loving it..." The others began to laugh, accept Jack, who was sitting put his chin on his palm, looking Sara. He had begun to think she wasn't real, that she was a thing he imagined, but here she was, just a few feet from him, talking to everyone. Despite her seeming inability to emote, she was proving popular with the others.

"So..." asked Maxine, in a white tiled lab with the same scientist from before "What do we call this substance..."

"I thought..." said the scientist, looking at a sample of a strawberry via a microscope. It was over a another magnetic ring, causing it glow blue. "Photonic Particles would have sufficed, since that is what they are..."

"We can't trademark that...?"

"You want to trademark this stuff...?"

"Yes, that is why we came here, to figure out what was making these things so...good for people. Can you imagine what would happen if he isolated these particles...?"

"No...I can't..."

"Do, try..."

"That's not what I meant. We don't know how the human body would react, we know that through the medium of the strawberries and all dishes based upon them, they can have wonderful medical effects for people, but a straight dose of distilled photonic particles... That could be like taking a painkiller, one is great, but take thirteen of those suckers and that will be your last headache."

"So it needs testing, that was rather obvious, but tell me, what do you think we can do with this..?" Maxine was happy, very amused with a suggestive smirk that made the scientist uncomfortable.

"We could have perfect health, no problems, nothing, potentially, we have athletes at peak physical condition without worrying about training accidents, or any accidents ending their career, hell, if I'm being really outlandish, we could have human regeneration..." There was a wide look on Maxine's face as she crossed her arms. The look faded as she leaned over, her hands across her stomach and a uncomfortable look appeared which caused her to look away.

"I see..." she began to smirk again "Now imagine how many people would line up for that...!" she said standing up.

"Shouldn't you help everyone...?"

"Best way to help poor people, not be one of them..."

"Not, sure that's what it means, buuuut, you sign my pay cheque."

School was over and Sarah proceeded to walk towards the front gate like everyone else. She held her bag behind her as she swayed about in a relaxed fashion.

"Hey..." said Jack, on his bike. He was with Marcel, who clearly didn't want to be there. "Going home...?"

"Not unless you know of something else to do in this town...?"

"Have you tried the arcade, the mall, the various other tourist attractions built within the decade..."

"Oh, and are you planning to show me these things...?"

"Uh..." said Jack, not aware of Marcel's stare "Sure..."

"Then you are going to have to find away around my ride..." she said leaning to the side to reveal several men in black suits and shade, by a limo.

Part 5 Edit

Sarah got of Jack's bike as he and Marcel stopped to catch their breath, Jack more so. They had stopped at the end of a path, having evaded her mother's entourage, they were now outside of town, in the hills by the fields. The three now overlooked fields of strawberries now stretching over the hills.

"Uh..." said Jack, not sure how to phrase his question "The other day, did I see you, in the fields, on the way to Fusion Industries...?"

"Yes, that was me..."

"I knew it...!" said Jack ecstatic to be right. Marcel didn't very much care 'Wait, aren't those fields, poisonous...?"

"Potentially hazardous, they've been removed since yesterday..."

"Yeah, how did you disappear...?"

"What...?" I turned around and you were gone..."

"So, you're wondering how I disappeared, when you weren't looking? Said the boy who was stuck staring for several minutes while I walked away..." Jack was silent, a bit embarrassed an silent. Marcel was highly annoyed.

Out in space, the comet continued it's course. It was now that the missile sent by the military would soon hit it. It wasn't a nuclear warhead, or anything similar, but it was estimated to be enough to break apart the comet, before it reach the Earth. The smaller pieces would've burnt up in the atmosphere peacefully, and was what happened. The one large purple light became several, it broke apart into smaller purple spheres, all still heading for Earth, all while giving of a burst of energy.

By Ocean City, something strange happened, the strawberries, the fields and a lesser extent people, flashed blue, for just a moment. Sarah stood talking to Jack when it happened. One second her expression was as emotionless as it always was, the next, there was a look of shock, as if she had been jumped, and her hair and eyes flashed blue with the fields, before she and everything else returned to normal. Everything but her expression, there was still that look of shock.

"I...I have to go..." she said. Jack and Marcel both looked confused. Sarah was generally stoic, sometimes there was the smug smirk, but she generally had this sense of emotional control that was baffling. To see her so, scared was not comforting, nor did it help that she ran off, back to town.

<No...!> Sarah, thought to herself <they can't why now, why now of all, why at all! They shouldn't, they couldn't have found me here of all places!>

It was moments later when she got home, the Fusion Industries building. Behind her was her mother's assigned bodyguards, between her and her 'room' was her mother looking rather upset.

"Where have you been...?" Sarah just walked past her, but Maxine grabbed her by the hair. To her and the surprise of her men, Sara flipped her over and slammed her into the ground. Sarah entered her room, locking it behind her.

"Mistress..." said Sarah's robotic butler "are you alright...?" Sarah sat behind her piano biting the the nail on her thumb with a worried expression.

"No, I am not..."

"Would you like to..."

"No..." The doors opened and Maxine entered with several of her men.

"Listen her, I don't..." she said.

"Get out..." she said blatantly..."

"Excuse me...?" replied Maxine, insulted

"I said, get out..."

"Who do you think...?" Maxine was cut of by the piano which flew over her head and into the wall above the doors, shattering..."

"I recall.." said Sarah, now standing "you were always very good at taking orders, while I won't ask you to...get on your knees, get out..." Her eyes glowed blue and Maxine's men retreated in fear, while Maxine stood her ground, her fists trembling.

"So, now you talk to me, when you have orders to bark!?"

"Spare me your melodrama and get out. I have more important things to deal with" Sarah sat back down, backing her mother. Maxine turned and walked away.

"Why was a wretched thing like your born..."

"Because you are a sad, sad creature..."

Part 6 Edit

"Well..." that wasn't weird...." said Marcel sarcastically as she and Jack biked through town to their respective homes. The sun was starting to go down by now, a beautiful sunset that was ignored as people on the streets kept talking about the 'glow' the incident earlier that day. From the gossip they overheard, the event had also happened overseas, with all the products made from their strawberries. Yet, something else now claimed the attention of the townsfolk.

Sarah stood up and looked up through her windows to look at them. Seven purple spheres of light, covered by fiery auras and leaving trails of smoke, the all come down, one went into the ocean, the others a far distance away, but around the town and one fell rather close. It was at that moment, when the earth shook, that it happened again, the glow appeared from Sarah, and the strawberries. As before it was just a flash, just for a moment.

"They are here..." said Sarah, with a solemn, angry look on her face.

"Master..." said her butler "Who are 'they'...?" Sarah looked at the robot and then looked away.

"You already know, Alfred, or do you need a systems check...?"

"I see...I will not bother you again..."

"Photonic Particles..." said the scientist to Maxine "These meteors, they are, they were giving of photonic particles..."

"You are certain...?" she said, watching something on her smartphone.

"Indeed, only a continuous magnetic field, seems to cause them to react, to leave their vessels. I can only imagine, a similar but different energy causing this 'flash'..."

"You are certain..."

"As certain as I can be, without further study, but that's not what truly concerns me..." Maxine finally looked at him.

"These particles, they...they are organic in a way, I have found that they are composed of smaller particles working together, like single cell organisms, they seem to seek out a natural symbiosis with life forms, their primary vessel being the strawberries."


"But, they don't spread, the strawberries lose their medicinal properties when overseas, or planted anywhere else, but these lands are arid, clear the particles are why they thrive. If the particles generated new particles on their own, the bushes would spread much further by now. If they are not being continuously replaced, then the bushes would've been gone by now. There has to be a source for these things..."

"Would others now...?"

"Other companies, well this stuff isn't difficult to figure out, I just put the strawberries under a rather powerful magnet. Not an everyday magnet but still, I would not doubt it..."

Part 7 Edit

"Well..." said one of the men in an environment suit "this was unexpected..." He looked at the crater in the countryside, with large oval shaped holes leading away from it in a consistent pattern and dead strawberries all around it. The fruits had rotted away and were covered with a sickening white fungus, the ones around the crater and holes leading away from it.

"What do you think made these...?" asked the much younger man.

"A meteor from outer space, a set of footprints, maybe; an alien...!" the younger man looked at him. "Geez, lighten up, I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this...I hope..."

The younger scientist put down the box he had been carrying and took out a magnetic resonance capsule, the same device Maxine's head scientist used before. Grabbing some rotten strawberries, he put them inside and hooked the device to a battery before flipping the switch. To their surprise they didn't glow blue, they glowed a menacing shade of purple.

"Hey, where's Sarah...?" asked one of the kids in the class. Everyone, especially Jake, looked at the empty seat in the class.

"Sarah..." said Maxine knocking on the door to her daughter's room.

"Go, away...?" she replied back. Maxine would not stand for it, she opened the electronic lock with her key card and opened the door. To her surprise, she found Sarah's room a mess. The mostly green room had half built devices and parts, but now it had much more. There were markings, in strange characters not seen before, they were written in circles and some accompanied humanoid figures made of rectangles and squares. It was unknown what Sarah used to draw them, she was on the ground, curled up in the fetal position in a black limbless leotard.

"What the...?" she rushed over to Sarah, kneeling down and propping her up. "What's going on, what's wrong...!?"

"Can't you hear it, the sound of thunder, but no rain, just the march of giants..." There were shadows under her eyes, and a tired expression to her face and tone "And they won't shut up...!" Sarah, grabbed her hair, ready to pull it out until Maxine grabbed her hands. She took her outside and put her on the sofa.

"Stop...!" she said holding her down "come back to me, come listen to my voice, that annoying voice you would love to punch..." Sarah eventually calmed down as Maxine pressed her her face into her cleavage.

"Why are you trying to murder me...?" asked Sarah in her normal stoic tone.

"I don't know why are you in a swimsuit...?"

"I was swimming in the pool..." Maxine pushed her back.

"You were raving mad and you've decorated the walls of your room with heaven only knows what! Sara, what is going on...?" Sarah looked away.

"We have guests..."

"What does that mean...?"

"You know full well what it means...!" she barked "Don't act like you don't remember how you got me! With all the times you've hit me it should be obvious..."

"I hit you because..."

"Because you are afraid of me, I get it, I understand, but stop treating me like I'm not a person...!" Maxine was silent and in shock as Sarah stared at her with angry eyes. Sarah crossed her arms and turned over on the sofa. Seconds later Maxine was lying next to her

"You have very nice legs, I don't know why you don't show them off more..."

"Stop that..." said Sarah coldly, with a hint of anger in her voice

"Oh, come on, I bough you all of those nice dresses and skirts..."

"I hate skirts..."

"Come on, I know we've had our...differences, but at least try to meet me halfway."

"Do you really not remember...?"

"Maybe..." She stroked her leg, knowing full well what reaction she would get, or at least she thought. Sarah practically jumped in her skin before getting up and returning to her room. Maxine got up and looked at the door and smirked and laughed and then sighed. She then leaned back on the sofa and the smile, the happiness slowly faded away to what was there before. She simply sighed.

Part 8 Edit

Sarah wore her typical clothes now, she was still in her room sitting against the door and looking at the characters painted onto the walls of her room. The issue wasn't that characters on the walls, it was that she knew what they meant. 'Target not found', 'Continue search', 'Units in stasis', 'Target signature found over a large area', 'maintaining distance from native species'.

While she was glad to know what these 'guests' were saying, her brain couldn't take much more of this. Each major conversation caused headaches, flashes of light and nosebleeds that went out to form these characters. She was doing what her body was not built for, she was hearing an electromagnetic conversation and it was killing her only that which allowed her to 'hear', which was causing the problem, was keeping her alive. Bags and dark shadows had formed under her eyes, she was tired, but luckily the talking had stopped, at least the major conversations.

"Mistress...?" said her butler "You have guests..." Sarah was ready to send him away "your friends from school."

The door opened, just a bit for Sarah to look out and see Jack and Marcel.

"Why are you here...?"

"Well..." said Marcel with a tone "Everyone was so worried about you that they sent us to go and check on you..."

"Didn't know I was that popular...especially considering I've only been there for a day..."

"Yes, well, you're the latest fad in the place..."

"Slow village...?"

"Look, are you coming to school...?"

"There's a nicer way to say that Marcel..." said Jack "But, yeah, when are you coming back...?"

"We'll see..."

"Rather vague..."

"Such that it is when people don't have or won't give a definite answer..." said Sarah.

"So which is it...?" asked Jack.

"Goodbye Jack, goodbye Marcel...Alfred please, escort them out..."

It was moments later when Maxine entered the room, Sarah was busy by the pill of rubble covered by a sheet, looking to salvage her piano. She looked annoyed at Maxine as she entered with a smug and chipper expression.

"Uh...what do you want, damn it Alfred isn't even here to I can ignore you..."

"No, he's busy with two children from you school, they apparently don't like being ordered about by a toaster..."

"This somehow does not surprise me, but what do you want...?" Maxine walked up to her.

"You..." the last thing she felt was something, cold and metallic touch her neck and then she was out cold.

"Where am I...?" Sarah asked. She was in an all black dress and wondering a void of white.

"I suppose you could call it home..." said a voice. Sarah looked back to see a woman in an all white robe, with pale white skin, silvery hair and eyes like red coals. She sat on the root of a large dead tree, a spot of black in the white. "But then again, if home is where the heart is, you've always been homeless, no...?"

"Who are you, where am I...?" asked Sara not amused. The woman in white looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"The correct soul, the wrong ego it seems...Tell me, what do you know about those you face, those that have come for you...?"

"I...I was running from them..."

"No, you didn't run, not from anyone, not you, never 'you', my adorable little death machine..." Sarah felt a nerve pressed "There it is, that little 'pet peeve' that made you leave us..."

"I don't...I don't understand..."

"Understand this, there was a war, and you won it, the last great war, or the first, you fought and you fought many. but this war was fought by being of a 'higher' nature, a nature much like your own. Everything that is happening now is your fault. You interfered with the development of a species, the enemy, now after you has taken on physical form using your. They want what'you' have..."

"I don't understand..."

"But you know who does...? Him..." she pointed up and Sara looked to a giant white and gold robot, towering over them.

It felt like a thousand needles all over her back then the rest of her body. Sarah awoke, screaming in pain, in a cylinder shaped capsule. Above and below she could see golden rings, a type of electromagnets, in the distance she could see her mother and the scientist from before at a control table with shades on.

"What are you doing...!?" shouted Sarah, now shivering, in an erratic fashion.

"Solving a problem, my friend here, cracked the secret of the strawberries. There is an energy in them, an energy that only fades when they leave here. Now, then, what is so special about these arid lands that keeps them so fresh and...magical? You...!"

"This...this won't end well!"

"For you..."

For anyone...!" The power was increased and Sarah's head flew back and her eyes rolled up as blue particles arose from her body. Most of them came from her eyes and her mouth, and she was beginning to float in the air.

"Is this safe...?" asked the scientist.

"She produces the stuff, she can afford to loose a few ounces..." The energy drained out of Sarah, forming a cloud of sorts, above her, spinning at incredible speeds, until something happened. While the scientist got up in shock, Maxine simply walked backwards, with a sneer on her face. The particles, some of them had formed...eyes, a pair of lines that took on the outer edges and circles the human mind would interpret to be eyes.

"Fool..." said a voice. The disc of particles became a sphere of energy, a sphere where electricity was arcing about. This was clearly not expected, given that seconds later the sphere exploded in a burst of light that destroyed the capsule.

Moments later Sarah walked out of the wreckage, hardly touched, save for the black circles around her face and now gaunt appearance she sported. She took a few steps before collapsing and looking up and her mother.

"You...idiot..." said tired and struggling "Now, they know..."

"Who...?" replied Maxine. Sarah was unconscious.

The men in the environment suits stopped their jeeps, they had followed the tracks to another hole in the ground and yet again the fruits around them were rotten. The men came with their devices to collect readings and samples. What happened next was not what they expected. The massive hole glowed, a purple glow of light that radiated outward until it exploded giving of a burst of energy, knocking them all down.

There stood a giant, some fifteen or more feet tall. It's armor with a gunmetal grey and a black interlocking armor. It had a semicircle on a crest, like the tuff of on a Spartan's helmet, a single red light in a y shaped visor and a plate in place of a mouth and nose. It armor, while very organic, like a powered suits, contorting to the wearer's build rather than servo mechanics, its was rather oval in shape. It had a kite shaped shield and two large rockets on its back.

It stood hunched over, seemingly looking at one of the humans, which it ignored. It then turned away, in its view it could detect them, all of them, the particles in the strawberries that it's own energy was clashing with resulting in the rotten fruit. This was like looking for a tree in a forest, but now said 'tree' had sprouted above the skyline. The rockets fired up, shooting out purple particles, smoke and massive amounts of force which sent it flying into the distance.

Part 9 Edit

"So..." asked Sarah, now old, wrinkly and lying a large bed "who are you...?" Before her was the robot from her previous 'dream', white with gold rims and lines, a blue light shined in its eyes. It was now at a much more human size. It's chest was roung with lines donoting the chest armor. HIs shoulders were cup with two pieces pointing out to form a sort of Arc shape. His feet armor were curved and a gold line ran from beneath the knee armor to the side and then above the toes, four toes, three on the front, one on the back. He had five clawed fingers, a faceplate circular pieces for ears and on his helmet, a the end of his crest was a red triangular stone. Finally his lower arms where oval in shape with black arcs at the end, the armor for his upper arms and legs were square in shape, four pieces with the metal fibers, cables and wire underneath partially visible as blue energy courses down and up them.

"You know my name..." said the robot with a gruff, deep voice.

"Maxion, Maxion...Prime..."

"Not the name I was born with, but the one I am most known for."

"What are you...?"

"I am that which came before, before you, I am you, before Ego death and Ego Birth. I am a memory, one which circumstance seeks to pull me back from the ether and make me 'stuff'. However, this is not without consequence..."

"You disappeared for a reason..."

"Because you were born, no soul was meant to hold two egos, I became a memory and my dream became me, now the dream dies and the memory becomes her."

"No...! I am not going to fade, not because you feel like it...!" Maxion cracked and began to rust and Sarah slowly but surely began to become youthful again.

"I am doing nothing, I am not the one with the power, not now. I am a memory, your memory, I am you know, what do you know...?"

"These things, that came, they are after me, after us, we thought we eluded them, we thought this was over!" The wrinkles began to reappear and the rust and cracks began to fade. "Where are we...?"

"In a moment, a moment of choice. The choice is simple, who will be in control."

"I do not understand...we do we have to choose, why do I have to choose...?"

"That's what it means to be free, to decide your master..."

"I have no master...!" the wrinkles began to fade and the robot began to crack and rust.

"We are all slaves to something, but now is not the time for philosophy. The enemy is coming, one that seeks your destruction and my capture. It is not in your nature to fight it, but it is in mine...choose, will you flee or fight...?"

"I will fight, 'me'..."

"It is beyond you..."

"Why, because I'm just a human...!?"

"Yes, this thing, it is not metal, not really not truly, the metal is just the body, the thing inside, the dark light, which stains this world with death, only our light can stop it, but your light, shines from a memory long past, a nature forgotten, it is not the human side of your that can counteract this force, that breath the walls of the final sanctum."

"What do you know about me...!?"

"I am a part of you, the part that made you strong, that let you throw that piano, that blesses these fields that they in turn may bless the people of this world..."

"You're just like here, always trying to control me...!"

"She forsook our agreement, in spirit at least, she fears you, her need to control you is fear, fear of what you are but she doesn't understand, fear of your power which she cannot control, fear of your fate and the fate you impose, for she cannot decide it. She sees herself in rebellion, rebelling against a higher force that took the face and form of her own child, her miracle child."

"What does that mean...?"

"I am you, your memory, but it seems you have forgotten, ask her, ask her why you have no other siblings, despite all her ex-husbands..."

"How do I leave...?"

"You call yourself a slave, yet you are in control, get out of bed..." Sarah threw off her sheets.

She awoke to the site of Maxine over her, shaking her and trying to get her to wake up. It was milliseconds later that she realized the entire room was shaking. Before her mother could react, Sarah had her hand around her throat. Her eyes glowed, restoring vitality to her appearance and mass to her form.

Part 10 Edit

"You tried to kill me....!" shouted Sara, now holding her mother up by one hand.

"We just examine your particles, you would've survived..." replied Maxine gasping for air

"Oh, and how do you know that...?"

"You hold the power... 'to create world'...(gasp)...'and fill them with life', call it...(gasp)... an educated...(gasp)...guess!" Sarah dropped her and looked up, she could feel it, the giant above, trying to get to her, to get down here.

"Please, just stop that thing...!" shouted Maxine.

"I...I don't know how..."


"This may be a radical idea for you, but he didn't just take on a new body, he took on a knew Identity, 'he' is just a memory in my head, a collection of memories... He wanted a new start and that is literally what he got."

"What are you saying...?"

"Ever heard of reincarnation, the old becomes the new, but the not the old...I cannot just blast this thing away..."

"So how do we stop it...?"

"...Why are you afraid of me...?" Maxine stood up.

"This is not..." She was silence when Sarah conjured a ball of energy and pointed it at her face.

"Chose you next words carefully mother, they will determine what happens next, for all of us..." Maxine paused. she could hear the roaring from upstairs. Then came the sound of explosions, the army had arrived "They cannot stop that thing..."

" are an alien, who splashed around in my gut, who used me for your 'witness protection program'. You gave me wealth, great but I suddenly realized I was just your slave. All my wealth, there to buy you what you need, what you want. My womb, so you don't get carted of to Area 51 or whatever. You were just using me, and I was stuck with you. 'be your mother', you just wanted a slave..."

"When I was in your womb, when 'he' was in there, he died. We may share the same soul, but not the same identity. Whatever you think of me, I am and have always been your daughter...! Now, tell me, what happened when you drugged me..."

"I..." the light grew bright "I won't say, but regardless, of our problems, I think you're not the monster who let all of these people die, just so you can get away." Sara sneered then sighed. She removed the sphere and stepped back.

"I don't think I want to be I'll let you deal with him..." Her eyes glowed blue, the glowed bright than they ever did before.

Outside, the robot had stopped with its attack on the build, the front of which was now destroyed. It had stopped to shoot down the fighter jets that were attacking, turning its shield in a sort of rail gun. With those distractions removed it returned to pounding away at the bunker beneath the building. However, a suddenly tower of light sent it flying back into the hillside. The light faded to reveal Maxion, now some fifteen to twenty feet tall.

<Maxion...> said the robot in a strange language of bass beats, electronic screeches and clicks <so you've finally decided to show yourself...>

<What do you want, Renegade...? You do not belong on this world!> The robot got up.

<You are one to talk...or are these fields of plant life filled with your unique energy signature, just a coincidence? You seem to be influencing the natural evolution of this place.>

<Leave this place...>

<Alright, but you are coming with me!>

<How do you figure...> The robot aimed his gun at the town, to which Maxion quickly acted. Pointing his arms forward, the arc shaped pieces on his forearms separated and split apart, while the pieces in the middle rose up and he fired several blue bolts of energy that exploded against his armor plating. With the size thrusters on his back and to micro versions in his feet, he flew forward at high speed, grabbing the enemy and throwing him away, away from the town.

Part 11 Edit

The Renegade hit the ground, bounced and rolled, getting the juices of strawberries all over his person. He stood up disgusted as the smashed fruit rotted away into dust on his person. He looked back however, to see a cylinder shaped missile head towards him at high speeds. The side of his shield came apart, connected to the main body and each other by a large wall of energy. It was all that saved him when the missile hit and a miniature mushroom cloud sent him flying even further, further away beyond the limits of the strawberry fields.

Sent sliding across the ground and smoking, the Renegade got up to see a ship flying towards him at high speed, a ship the transformed into Maxion who came down with a glowing fist that connected with the shield.

The two energies clashed and sent the other skidding back, Maxion on his feet, the Renegade on his back.

<Damn it, if you are so strong, then why did you run...?>

<Despite my origins, I hold no value for violence>

<Oh, you have audacity...!> The Renegade pulled out a sword from his shield and charged. The Arrowhead pieces on the side of his arm that made up part of Maxion's blaster, connected and slid forward as the rest of the forearm returned to normal. Electricity arced around the edge of the blade, like the Renegade's sword and as the two clashed, the energy shot out in a pulse.

It was a jungle, on a typical world, with two suns in the sky and one massive moon overhead. The three robots running had cubic style armor and carried large rifles, blasters, which fired bolts of plasma. They were running for dear life, terrified. Their metal faces denoted youth, inexperience, they were young.

<Do you think he saw us...?> asked the red and orange mech. With him was a silver and blue robot and a green and blue one.

<Shut it...!> said the red and yellow robot, clearly the leader as he ran up front <Keep chatter to a minimal..> The explosions around them were from plasma warheads, cylinder shaped explosive, they created small mushroom clouds, which, given how massive they can be, does not truly give credit to how massive the explosions were. They looked to see it coming, the doors on its top closing, a white and gold heavy fighter. They opened fire, shooting red bolts of energy at the fighter, which either missed or were diffused by its EM shield. Blasters emerged from the side of the front, firing green bolts, which exploded around them, they were very inaccurate at long range, but they gave Maxion enough time to transform. He came down with a golden fist which he slammed into the ground, creating a surge of explosion from underground that moved forward in a straight line.

The young Renegades scattered, barely dodging the attack. However the green and blue robot was not lucky, at once he was blown apart and melting. The others got up, but they didn't fare much better. Maxion had activated his disruptor cannon, the arm mounted weapon he used, firing a bolt in the silver and blue robot's face, destroying the leader's arm and putting the red and orange robot on his back with a blast to the chest, that damaged his energy systems.

Maxion walked towards them, all three were on their back, defeated. The silver and blue bot's lower jaw and upper neck were mostly vaporized and what remained was badly melted away. Paralyzed and no doubt in pain, Maxino used another shot to take of what remained of his head. The red and orange bot, his systems were fried, smoke rose out of his mouth and eyes, so Maxion gave him another shot, setting of his internal reactor in an explosion that totally destroyed him. There was only the leader left.

<Tell me...> said the leader, holding his shoulder, all that remained of his right arm <is it really such a sin, to want to be free...?>

<Freedom is not an excuse for your to rampage as you see fit.>

<Yes, we are vandals of space, because in the name of our simple ambition we would rampage across the cosmos! But, you have not answered my question...!> Maxion charged his shot, firing a fairly large pulse that surged through the young bot's chest.

<You already know the answer...> said Maxion.

Sparks flew as Maxion and the Renegade clashed sword, each trying to overpower the other. That was until Maxion grabbed his enemy's hand and spun around throwing him. The robot broke his fall with the massive thrusters on his back.

<You talk about abhorring violence, but how many Renegades have died by your hands, your swords, your guns?>

<You talk too much...>

<And you like to avoid the question!> The rockets on his back, morphed, becoming laser cannons on his shoulders. Maxion's thrusters activated as he flew across the battlefield avoiding laser blasts.

The group ran, a unit of mechanoids all armed with blaster rifles, running down a city street. While the buildings made for good cover, they were clearly not meant for beings of their size. The blasted and destroyed city was made for denizens of a clearly human like height.

The eight or so robots were lead by a blue and light green mech who was much more feminine in build, being slender and having a feminine face. Her helmet bore bat wings on the side and she carried the largest rifle.

<Why...?> asked one of soldiers <why did they send him here, this planet is not important...." Green bursts of energy rained down on them, in large explosion the kicked up dust around them. It was into this smokescreen that Maxion landed, both blades extended. He came down slashing through one bot, rifle and chest, cutting them in half. Then in a quick motion, he spun around and began slashing the other, taking the time out to shoot one of the few bots outside of the smoke in the face, taking of his head. His finale shot was towards the gun of the soldier next to the leader. This set of all the highly pressurized gas in the energy pack, causing an explosion that destroyed him and sent his leader flying, her right side badly damaged from carbon scoring and melting. Her legs were now useless and as she crawled away Maxion walked behind her and pinned her down under his foot.

<Oh...> she said <you think you're so righteous, destroying the evil rebels, but would we have rebelled if we had some damn freedoms...!?>

<Your desire to be free is no excuse what you've done, or am I to believe you found this city in so damaged and destroyed a state? I thought so...>

Maxion continued dodging the attacks, using his thrusters to stay one step ahead of the blasts. That was until an explosion in the direction of Fusion Industries caught his attention and a blast to the chest caught him. The Renegade continued firing until a cloud of dust covered up the area.

Out of the dust stumbled Maxion, a black mark of carbon scoring was on his chest and other parts of his body. He stumbled trying to say something, clearly short of breath and clearly beaten. He stumbled until he grabbed the Renegade keeping himself up by leaning against his shoulders via his arms.

<Well...?> said the Renegade <Any last words...?"

<Idiot...> said Maxion, whose grip now became vice like. Ports on the side of his legs opened, revealing turrets that fired green blasts of energy into the Renegade's chest as Maxion held him in place. When it was over, Maxion released him to tumble over, landing on his back. His chest and abdominal region had been blasted of, revealing several parts, many of which where damaged and half melted.

<Even, if you destroy me...> said the Renegade <others will rise to see you destroyed...>

<Then I'll just have to deal with them...> Maxion reach for the orb in his chest, a purple glowing metal spheres with tubes leading out of it. He pulled it out, and held it with both hands as his body gave of a sudden light green glow, a glow that returned foliage to the battlefield and stripped the sphere of its light. The sphere, the tubes and the body connected to it, all gave of a shine before decomposing, rusting away and being vaporized leaving behind dust, far too little for what composed the metal organism that once was.

Part 12 Edit

"So why...?" asked Sarah, who now stood in the white room in the patient's gown. Maxion, a smaller version of him, was on the bed, under the sheets. Rust covered much of his body and cracks were forming.

"Because they had to be stopped..."


"Because this is your life, not..."

"NO!" Maxion was silent "Damn it, stop trying to finish my sentences!" Sarah locked at him with apology. Somehow she felt it, despite the face mask, hiding that metal face, she could feel embarrassment from him. She felt it like it was her own but she knew it was coming from him. "I'm sorry, look why did you leave... I saw your, didn't have much trouble killing all of those bots..."

"Those individuals, killed and slaughtered innocents across the galaxy. They did not fight for freedom, they fought to be able to do as they pleased. They wanted control of their lives, but had no respect for life. In their minds, they painted themselves as the heroes and me the villain, but I found their actions, despicable and would not allow them to continue. Worlds burned, civilizations were destroyed in the time it took for me to stop them."

"So why did you run away...?" A light shinned from Maxion's eyes.

Maxion looked down at them, the various Mechanoids outside the building protesting. They carried signs and banners in an alien language. These signs all held similar messages; they demanded rights, they demanded the government be held responsible for their fates, they demanded freedoms. Several guards in black and white where holding back the crowd with batons and riot shields.

<I fail to see why I am needed here...> said Maxion in the office. Sitting behind the desk compossed of numerous control panels and monitors was a white and red robot with a gold crown on his head and a red cape. His chest armor and pelvic armor made the image of what could be assumed to be a lion's face. His head sported several gold V shaped crests on the helmet, blue eyes and a heroic posture. His long shoulder pads were rectangular with a raised spike at the end and black boxes which sported tin gun barrels. His armor, while mostly cubic had edges that gave it a slightly 'organic' look.

<It should be obvious, just go down there. Those Renegades will get the message.>

<Renegades...? They hardly qualify...>

<They refuse to listen...>

<Because you refuse to listen. These people are not extremists fighting to overthrow your government. They are demanding to be heard.>

<It is that mentality that has brought about this situation...>

<Regardless, you have a job to do...>


<Excuse me...?>

<I went to war to fight those who used 'freedom' as an excuse to rampage across the cosmos. These people are asking you, loudly, to treat them with respect. I find the idea of using terrorism on them immoral...>

<You want to talk about moral!? You are a beast, the destroyer of worlds, who besides us would've accepted you among our rank and that was only because you were useful! You provided us with a means of interacting on this lower plane without breaking the rules and facilitating our reproduction, for that we are thankful, but at the end of the day, you are still just a weapon and you will do as you are told...!> Maxion walked over towards him.

<Make me...>

" left...?" asked Sarah.

"Yes, though my interests laid in the scientific, they only considered me a weapon to use against their renegades, those that defied their rule. I excercised my freedoms and revolted. These 'Renegades', they are either assassins from the government, or Renegades afraid I will get involved in their conflict."

"I guess I should as well, you risked your reputation and even your life for your freedoms..."

"No...I did as my true master commanded..."

"Your true master?"

"My morality, we are all subjects to something, our masters, our beliefs, our duties, our code of honor. All slaves to something. The truly free can decide their own master, that is all. You must also choose..."

"Chose what...?"

"With my power, you can leave, you can escape Maxine's grasp and find freedom among the stars, but the others will rise up, they will rampage across this world as they did before." Sarah was silent.

"Why should I care...?"

"Because you are not a selfish wretch like your mother, who we both expect to do such a thing." Sarah was silent.

"Where do you get of, comparing me to her?"

"You forget, I am a part of you as you are me, this is little more than a conversation with yourself..." Sarah was silent as Maxion began to crack and rust even more. "If we share anything, besides our power, then I hope it is our sense of right and wrong. Remember I am here, when you need to call on me..."

"Sarah...?" Sarah awoke to her mother over her. She was a large fancy room, she had never seen before, most likely a hotel. Great was her discomfort when her mother hugged her.

"Where am I..." she paused "More importantly, why am I in a dress....?"



" dressing you up when you're a sleep..." Sarah was silent with a look of disbelief.


"You don't want to do anything...girly, you just play around with and gadgets..." Maxine left and came back with a book filled with various pictures of her daughter unconscious and in various dresses as various ages. Sarah was silent, immobile and one of her eyes was twitching. "So, you can imagine me not wanting to tell you this, but I figured you would never speak to me if I didn't show you..."

"Whhhhhyyyyyy?" said Sarah in utter shock and disbelief.

"No idea, it just makes me smile, I like to pretend we have more in common than just genes...."

"You put me in a reactor...!"

"So I could take that thing out of you...look okay I don't understand how this whole 'you and him' works, I don't. I raised you thinking you were just a body with some...thing in it, but recently I began to realize. Either he wasn't so bad, or I was wrong, that his presence didn't mean you were inhuman..."

"I'm human, part of me is, I make him partly human, but he is a part of me, and that makes me something else, but still human. Granted I now have...responsibilites because of that..."


"The other meteorites, they are like that robot, they are just waiting for their turn to become active..."

"And we don't have the power to stop them..."

== Epilogue ==

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