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Advenger Armor is the Brave Armor belong to Hibiki Hojo, or Cure Melody before she gain the Captain Shark Armor.

Appearances Edit

This armor is a full piece armor that cover all of Hibiki body instead of just some part like all other armor. It most distintive feature is the\ black forearm knuckle that cover HIbiki arm.

Feature Edit

This Brave Armor increase the user physical prowess and power to cosmic level. Because it not an armor, but a form where the Brave God merging himself with Hibiki allow she to use his power However, it is really uncomfortable for Hibiki to use the armor, because of the feeling that every second, somebody has touch her, and that person hand move around her body endlessly. That syndrome only end after Hibiki increase her syncronize level with the suit. The second side effect is that when she sleep, Hibiki soul will appear inside the realm that the Brave Gods are being sealed into. She will be given a physical body, and until someone awake her. Hibiki will be stuck there with the Brave Gods. Thankfully for her, the Brave Gods are not allow to harm her or humilliate her without her consent. So all they could do is talk together and find out more about each other.

Another side effect is that after the Brave Gods represent the suit has been un-sealed, he will fell in love with the user. And that love is undying.

Advenger Armor ability first thought to be Melee-Oriented, because it have a big knuckle. However this Armor is actually a range-oriented suit. But because Hibiki syncronize level are low and she is not good with range weapon. The Brave Gods decide to seal the armor until he see fit.

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