These bots are responsible for keeping Vandorica accessed to space. Any work that needs to be done in the air or space is done by them. They work closely with the other guilds and the military to get the other jobs done.

Duties Edit

The Aeronaticons are the pilots of Vandorica and all vessels, military or otherwise are piloted by them.

Attire Edit

Their armor often has plane wings on their back and or arms. At present they transform into flying vehicles, such as planes.

History Edit

Evolving from the original Vandoran pilots, the Aeronaticons are the pilots of the Vandoricons, driving the traffic from across planet, to the mining complex and back. All Vandoricon vessels are piloted by them.

Vessels Edit

  • Vandoricon Transport Speeder: Basically a bus
  • Vandoricon Light Freighter:
  • Vandoricon Shuttle:

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