A dangerous religious order of great power and discretion. They worship the Worms of Akhar and seek out their power.

History Edit

Forming sometime after the great war and long proceeding the annihilation of Maxion's home world. They were formed from their remaining thralls. They have since spread across the galaxy, controlling through the underworld and public fronts.

They mainly work within the Planetary Federation and their main enemy is the Star Sentinels.

Attire Edit

When on mission or at meetings, its members wear typical body suits with black armor made of 'Dark Iron', They also wear Akhar Death Masks and are almost always armed with a handheld Energy Blade.

Beliefs Edit

While they do worship the Worms, their interests have moved away from helping them to plundering their secrets for power.

They have also taken to humanoid supremacy and may have influenced the Federation

Training Edit

  • Mental
    • Discipline
    • Loyalty
    • Resist Pain:
    • Minor Telepathy
    • Minor Telekinesis
    • Healing Trance.
  • Physical
    • Combat training
    • Piloting
    • Poison resistance to all but the most powerful or rare of poisons.

Weapons Edit

  • Energy Blade: Their signature weapon. Yellow blades of plasma
  • Disc Thrower: A gauntlet that shoots saw blades
  • A Dagger:
  • Poison: They are sometimes coat their blades with very power poisons

Members Edit


Trivia Edit

  • They are inspired by the Sith from The Star Wars, a comic book based on an earlier draft of Star Wars.

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