An organic device system, it is a type of man-machine interface.

The Alaya-Vijnana system consisted of two parts: one part is installed in the mobile weapon, and the other part (informally referred to as "Whiskers") is implanted into the pilot’s spine (usually at a young age to let implant fuse as they grow, but can be done on young adult as in the case of Ein Dalton), those with the implant are sometimes derogatorily called "Rats". The implant surgery is dangerous and can have lethal side effects. After the implantation, the person has a protrusion on the back for physical connection to the Alaya-Vijnana interface in the mobile suit’s cockpit. The Alaya-Vijnana System creates a pseudo-brain lobe in the pilot's body using nanomachines, and this allows the pilot's brain to directly process mobile suit data fed through the physical connection.As the pseudo-brain lobe also governs spatial awareness, the pilot's spatial awareness is enhanced. The more implants a person has, the higher their information transfer rate through the system.The system also allows the pilot (even uneducated ones) to operate the mobile suit for combat without requring instructions or reading a manual of any sort.

It was create when T.D.G modify their Direct Motion Link System in order to create a system with "miseries" in mind. By all regard, Alaya System is inferior to Direct Motion Link System. The system purpose was not to increase T.D.G combat performance, but to ensure that war amongst Xeno under their control will be hell. With Alaya System, Child Soldier become not a choice, but a mandatory in warfare and everyside constantly using them. Combine with the fact that all puppet goverment are designed especially to incite revolution and throughout the 40000 years history of T.D.G. There was never an end to any war under the world that T.D.G control. Alaya System has done it job magnificently.

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