The Vandoricon Paragon who designed new space ships that the Vandoricons would use.

Appearance Edit

As a senator, Albercron wears heavy armor plating that gives him a thick build. On top of that he wears a cape, composed of shoulder armor and a metal sheet of plating on his back. His armor is green and blue and he has camera nodes over his natural eyes, silver bulbs with red leds. His helmet is in the shape of bell but pointing up.

Personality Edit

As head of the Space Works Guild, Albercron takes seriously the future of his race in space. He is keen to remind everyone that asteroids are better sources of resources than the mining of the past. He also thinks very lowly of the Imperials and the sanctions they placed on their species and is a keen to see his race thrive, constantly designing new ship and station designs for a variety of reasons.

He has mixed feelings about the 'Dark One', on one hand he view him as a threat to their race, on the other, he is glad for the change he forced on the Vandoran people, making them more than just advanced savages. He is also impressed by Atem's natural genius.

While an Original Vandoricon, Albercron did not look highly of the 'hunt', he saw it for what it was, a way for his race to direct their violent tendencies outward and instead of inward, which had proven destructive in the past.

History Edit

One of the 'Original Vandoricons', Albercon was a scientist and therefore looked down upon by his society, even while they were rebuilding. That was until Atem came and nearly wiped them out. After the great change, Albercron saw his chance to help change his society for the better and volunteered to use his intellect to help solve his race's problems. His efforts eventually lead to his race turning away from terrestrial mining and turning to the stars for the resources they needed, actions that eventually earned him the relatively new honor of Paragon. He has since become a member of the Inner Council as the head of Space Works Guild

Armaments Edit

  • Senator Armor: As a high ranking member of society, Albercron wears heavy layered armor that allows him to withstand all sorts of punishment. He also has an extra layer in his cape which offer more protection to his back and shoulders.
  • Head Piece: His upside down bell shaped helmet actually works to keep him connected to the Space Works Network, and satellite system.
  • Gatling Guns: Installed in his forearms are mini Gatling guns for self defense.

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