The resident nerd, at school.

Appearance Edit

Allister is a skinny red haired boy with green eyes and glasses. Usually seen wearing a sweater and baggy pants, he is almost never without his laptop and cellphone.

Personality Edit

Allister truly believes he is the smartest person in the room, if not the world and is more than willing to prove to anyone that dares challenge that idea. He believes that his genius is what makes him special and is driven to prove this to those that make fun of him or belittle his ideas.

Allister constantly argues with Jean due to their naturally competing egos, the fact that she so effortlessly achieves what he works so hard to accomplish upsets him, as well as the idea that she may be smarter than him. That alone does not make him so antagonistic but her attitude towards the idea of her genius riles him up.

Allister also seeks to debunk or at least investigate the paranormal and bring the truth to light. This has lead him to be suspicious

Allister takes care of maintaining a healthy body for his mind and is picky about what he eats.

Abilities Edit

Allister is a gifted young mind and is knowledgeable in many subjects. He is an expert at using his computer and surfing the data-ways and hacking. He is however, not an active person.

History Edit


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