An example of Hyper-Matter, it takes the form of a mere metal.

Appearance Edit

Alternium appears as a typical metal, being a metal grey in color. In its natural state, it takes on a crystal like form.

Nature Edit

Resonating with higher dimensions, Alternium is the metal of choice when creating a time machine or something similar. As with much Hyper Matter, it is actually larger than what is perceived and experienced. Alternium can and often does resonate between multiple dimensions and links higher space with normal space.

As a crystal, it is able to store vast amounts of information, even entire minds, and life forces.

Also, any time machine made from, or just any Alternium (Alpha) in general, cannot go backwards in time, before the instance of its creation.

Variants Edit

  • Alpha/ Natural Variant: Not easily created. Potentially unlimited but it cannot go back in time, past its point of creation
  • Beta/ Imitation Alternium: A mixture of Proto-Matter and Chronogen, unlike the real stuff, it can go backwards in time so long as it has a charge. It's power is not limitless and will eventually run out

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