Amir is the Security Chief of the Atlanta.


Amir's appearance is barely composed of mix-and-match parts, having survived and escaped the trash compactor alive. His head is a Reionyx Hunter-based helmet and his face bears a partially smashed mirror with his right half exposed, revealing a Terminator-like face. His torso is silver, which is his only original part remained from his original design. His right arm is red, his left arm is blue, and his legs are vice versa.


Amir is an wise and old robot due to his experience from an old civil war. He usually sees himself as "the only sane man" in the crew when it comes to goofy ideas and crazy antics, often giving snarky remarks. He can also see what others imagine within their minds, be it flashbacks or visions. He will also lash at other people if they make references or parodies to other real-world stories without proper credit.


Originally a robot combatant who was a civil war participant, the war's quick end forced him to be sent to a scrapyard before he escaped with some spare parts for himself. He now works as a security chief in Atlanta due to its lack of terms and conditions for hiring former combat robots. Although he has the memories from his past, constant parts swapping with other junks greatly damaged his past memories, particularly of what he originally looked like before being scrapped by his creators.


  • Separation: Amir can separate into flying components of himself.
    • Reform: Because multiple parts from him had been junk parts of other combat robots from his era, he can reform himself into multiple configurations. Ironically, these configurations rather look "awesome" compared to his robot form.


  • I (Muhammad Amir) create this character based on the manga/anime Gintama. I had this in my mind after hearing the manga will end in late 2016/early 2017. This character is based on the protagonist Gintoki Sakata, who has living in the battlefield in his younger days, fighting against alien invaders until the war ended and he's the boss of the Odd Jobs. This robot's straight man antics is based on Shinpachi Shimura from the same anime, who always giving remarks and become the straight man whenever Gintoki and Kagura making stupid antics, keeping with the show's manzai theme (stupid guy/smart guy pair).
    • PS: his configuration makes him based on King Joe from Ultraseven.
    • PPS: Gintoki is always the boke (idiot) of Gintama but will become the tsukkomi (smart) when needed. Underneath his lazy, idiot and slacker face hides a huge trauma that had been haunting him since his days as a war participant, such as forced to kill his master Shoryo to save his other friends and afraids of ghost due to his past on killing multiple people.

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