The Admin known as The White Death, who leads the Bone Hunters.

Appearance Edit

Amir wears all white armor, with black skull images, on his chest and shoulders, along with black rims. He wears a black cape and a white and black fur collar. His helmet resembled a skull. He generally carries a mace which glows when in use.

Personality Edit

Amir is perhaps the most serious of Admins, and demands perfection from his followers as well as his fellow admins. He is highly dedicated to the destruction of Vandals, especially the Scourge, though some may say...too dedicated.

Editor Chapter Edit

Amir's Chapter is called the Bone Hunters, and they mimic the color scheme of their Admin. While not particularly skilled in any form of combat over they other, they are known as the best Ship captains and fighter pilots. They are also the most likely to use Scorched Earth tactics.

History Edit


Web Powers and Armaments Edit

  • Mace of Amir: A web powered mace, that has disruptor like qualities to it.

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