The Mechanoid Race which fought against the Enemy.

Appearance Edit

Mechanoids, they were humanoid robots with curved organic style armor with various. Many often had human like metal faces and the most common were 'thin in build', though their lower legs were often rather wide. In terms of height, they were often very tall compared to modern Mechanoids, some of them were even twice the size of most other Mechanoids.

Culture Edit

The Mechanoids worshiped Maxion as a god and abhorred the Enemy and its creations. They were of mix feelings about organics in general, with some not caring, others being kind to them and some were just xenophobic of them.

Due to being called Maxions, they eventually adopted that when trying to refer to themselves.

Nature Edit

The term is actually an Umbrella phrase, unbeknownst to most people. It refers to the Soloids (and their now splinter race) and the TechnoMorph Titans that they fought beside.

History Edit

The first true Mechanoid Race, their origin is unknown to all but themselves and no one is sure if they were built or developed on their own. Eventually they went to war with an Enemy, creating the 'Scar' a region of devastated and desert worlds in the galaxy like a wound.

What became of them is unknown, but all of their technology disappeared, save for their drones, who eventually developed into constructed mechanoid races such as the Chromiums, Linonians and Vega

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