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The Mechanoid Race which fought against the Enemy. Their remnants are called the Ethereals.

History Edit

The first true Mechanoid Race, their origin is unknown and no one is sure if they were built or developed on their own. Eventually they went to war with an Enemy, creating the 'Scar' a region of devastated and desert worlds in the galaxy like a wound.

In truth, they were organic beings who had ascended into a state of pure energy giving them great power/ power held back by the unexplained 'them'. The ancients served as soldiers, and fought against the Gormin using mechanical bodies as vessels to circumvent the ancient laws that forbade they interacted with 'lesser beings'.

What became of them is unknown, but all of their technology disappeared, save for their drones, who eventually developed into constructed mechanoid races such as the Chromiums, Linonians and Vega.

The Ancients stayed however, as a myth and a cryptid of the galaxy. In truth they sought to take control of the galaxy and sought to first use Maxion, warping his ascended form to be a weapon. This failed and Maxion became a Mechanoid, his memory of the events wiped.

They later tried to increase their numbers, which was naturally beyond their limits, so the attempted unnaturally, creating the Cyberbots, but they were deemed a failure as they needed the existence of Maxion. The ancients had captured him after the Galactic Robot War, and housed him Ember in a crystal matrix in the core of Chromium, creating Engen and new Embers. It was they who made the Titans, created by experiments done on Maxion's brother, Gallus.

Now they face an unknown threat.

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