The log written about notable battle of Anti-Grimdark Force

Mazinger Brother vs Star Trek Multiverse Edit

On planet Vulcan, the battle between two god raged on as the planet iself devastated without any trace of life form. The first god was Vulcanus, the revered deity amongst Vulcan formed when all the soul of his people become one. And maybe for that reason, his form is that of a Vulcan, but larger, aroud 18 meter tall. On his hand held the golden spear and shield. The spear iself was told by legend to be able to destroy a galaxies, while the shield can block many strike from the spear. But against another god, all that force has been finely control to the point where it only focus into one tiny point in order to maximize the damage.

The second one was named Mazinger Z, He came from nowhere, lay waste to the whole peacful Vulcan civization in the name of justice and bring peace to the Multiverse. In the name of spreading the shining light to illuminate the grim darkness of this Multiverse. His form is that of a robot, 18 meter high with no mouth. His body is sleek and somewhat fragile. With the upper arm, belly and thigh being white. While his hand, leg, shoulder and chest is dark blue. The bot most glamourous features was two curved red armor piece attach to his chest pointed in oppsite direction.

Mazinger start the fight by punching the Vulcan whom block it with his shield and counter with a thrust from his spear. But to the god horror, his spear is broken upon contact. Vulcanus ran away in panic with his shield now thrown at Mazinger direction


However, this tactic is proved to be ineffective as Mazinger simply shot his arm into the shield. Breaking it apart easily like a cookie. The arm then pierce through Vulcanus, killing him in a violent manner.

God Sigma, God Mars and Baldios vs Star War Multiverse Edit

Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan vs YTF Edit

Dancougar, Dancougar Nova vs Battlestar Galactica Multiverse Edit

Everyone Else vs Filthy Xeno Edit

The Whole Gang vs Xeno Precure Edit

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