The Founding race of the Planetary Federation. Their home is Planet Arcadia.

Appearance and Biology. Edit

Arcadians are humanoids with pointed ears and white hair. They have blue, or white eyes and grey, blue or tan skin. They typically wear robes.

Arcadians have double layers of skin, the thin second layer insulates heat. For this reason they prefer colder climates, though not to the extreme of frozen or ice worlds. Tundra planets are their preference.

Culture Edit

They are thinkers and hold themselves as being enlightened beings. They generally wear robes and have facial paintings. Despite their claims, they tend to not like 'strange' things, anything or anyone who exists outside their definition of 'normal'. This has resulted in their federation being unofficially anti-humanoid.

They also like to experiment, often with things they have no business in meddling with.

Arcadians are described as having 'grey minds', they are unimaginative, though many become scientists.

Technology Edit

They are a space age race. They are famous for bio-tech, medical technologies and computers.

History Edit

They are a race with a long history of conflict, until they adopted a philosophy of 'Logic'. They went on to form political alliances with nearby civilizations and formed the Federation proper in response to other Star Empires.

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