A spaceship sized robotic Dragon. Known as the Dragon of the End. He is referred most commonly as Gospel. It is said that it's appearance would mean the end of the galaxy.

Appearance Edit

A large robotic, European style robotic dragon, with dark silver armor plating, and glowing red wing membrane.

History Edit

Built as an engine of destruction by an unknown race, Gospel left a wave of destruction during the Time of Titans. It slept for unknown ages until woken by a mining operation on Kavus IV. Eventually, it sealed away by a Titan (a gold and red silver faced giant), it waited for centuries, until it was unearthed by a greedy corporation hoping to sell it as a weapon.

When the investigating Atlanta crew inquired, the Dragon eventually broke free and rampaged. It was destroyed from the inside by SolZen's full charged Buster Gun. His remains were taken by the Cyberbot Security forces and disposed of. Shards of his core were kept by the crew as a trophy and Chief Engineer Zombiejiger used one of the shards to forge a powerful Incendiary Blade.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Admantium Armor: Allows it to withstand its own power and make it nearly impervious.
  • Photon Pulse Wings: Allows it to fly in space and in atmosphere. Leave a crimson particle trail.
  • Core: A powerful core that seems to be magical.
  • Stellar Breath: Fire breath/ a plasma beam
  • Destronium Circuits: Adds to its great durability

Trivia Edit

  • Is based on Deathwing from warcraft
  • His name comes from SolZen, who was trying to think up a 'cool dragon name'.

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