Artorious' father and namesake, Registrar of the Academy and a renowned warrior, can be demanding of perfections. Turns into a combat vehicle.


He looks just like his son, his face is basically the same but longer and with a faceplate. However instead of turning into a beast he transforms into a military style truck. He is a tall bulky bot.


Artorious Prime is a perfectionist and somewhat controlling, expecting absolute perfection from all his students and thus more than unhappy with his son's behavior and choice of friends who are not known for trying to be perfect bots.


Artorious is a powerful bot as expect of one who earned the title of Prime. In combat he can take on the best of them.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Engen Matrix: Artorious, as expected of a Prime, bears an Engen Matrix.
    • Holo-Matter Wall Generator: Artorious can generate a wall of energy thanks to his Matrix
  • Gear Shredder: His arm morphs into a gun that spits sharp spinning discs, it also doubles as a melee weapon.
  • Rocket Launcher: Emerges from his arm, fires heat seeking rockets.

Alternate Mode

Artorious transforms into a military style truck, a large brutish looking vehicle with several headlights on top, a batter ram fixture on the hood of the vehicle and thick tires.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Rocket Launcher: Emerges from the top of the vehicle


  • Vehicle to Robot: The side of his body split apart from the main body and the front of the car collapses and the bottom half of the vehicle collapses in, split apart and morph into feet. The front part becomes his upper body with the front windows resting across his chest.


Artorious is a veteran of the Great War from ages past long before any of his students were born.


  • He based of the father of the friend that inspired his son.