A giant transformer, turns into a group of cars that form a bullet train. Gym Teacher. He is also transport for the bots.


Astro is a giant among giants, with even 'tall' Transfomers barely coming to his knees. He is made of parts from a bullet train with the front car serving as his chest and where his head pops out from. He has carts serving as arms, legs and shoulder guards, thrusters on his back and Visor optic.


Astro is a no nonsense individual who expects to be obeyed.


Astro is a strong, like his size implie, able to trade punches with Kaiju. Because of his unique transformation style, he is able to shrugg of most injuries.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Weapons collection: Due to his particular storage system, Astro is a walking arsenal of weaponry, from lasers, missiles launchers, turrets etc.

Vehicle Mode

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Subspace Compartments: To serve as troop transport, he has internal pocket dimensions used to hold passengers and weaponry. In train mode his carts open up to reveal turrets, railguns, missile launchers etc.
  • Ethium Tracks: Tracks of energy that he creates to move where he pleases.
  • Space Bridge: He can generate wormholes at will.


  • Vehicle to Robot: The cars separate while the front car collapses/morphs revealing a head, joints for arms and legs and thrusters in the back. The other cars become legs, arms and shoulder pads



  • Astro is based on Astro Train from transformers and the Denliner. His design comes from an Artbook on drawing giant robots.