Ship Type: Exploration
Ship Class: Athena Class: Large Frigate
Crew Size: Ranging from thirty to one hundred
Weight: N/A
Length: N/A
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: Four Floors
Manufacturer: N/A
Armaments: Hyper Blaster Main Cannon
Hyper Laser Turrets
Photon Torpedoes
Endothermic Ray
Ghost Shields
Deflector Shields
Propulsion Nuclear Engine (Main Sublight)
Impulse (Maneuvering)
Triple Drum Quantum Slipstream Drive
Utilities TBA
Affiliation Cyberbots
Created by SolZen321 and various other users

Appearance Edit

The front half of the ship is shaped like a diamond, the back half sports two large engine bods.

  • First Floor: Command Bridge, Armory, Trophy Room and Meeting Room.
  • Second Floor: Crew Quarters, Entertainment lounge
  • Third Floor: Engineering, Medical Bay Teleporter rooms, and Weapon Stations
  • Fourth Floor: Shuttle Bays.


The ship is divided into sectors, each sector has its own specified utilities for each crew members depending on their jobs/positions.

  • Zeus Sector: The sector made for the higher-ranked crew members, which includes SolZen and Stephan.
  • Vulcan Sector: The engineering sector, includes Sentinel and Zombiejieger.
  • Athena Sector: The planning sector, including the likes of Clee26, MoonShard and Zhu.
  • Ares Sector: The war and security sector, includes Akreious, Amir, Apexz and Galaxi.
  • Apollo Sector: The medical sector, the only being there is Dr. Hoshino, though, the other crew members have a tendency to act tough whenever SolZen decides to send them to the Apollo Sector, just to evade it. Other crew members have nicknamed it both Phobos Sector and Deimos Sector. It is where the Medical Files are stored.
  • Hermes Sector: Shuttle Bays
  • Dionysus Sector: Crew Quarters.

History Edit

A long standing exploration ship, the Atlanta has traveled and discovered many space ways, new civilization and faced all sorts of problems. It is now scheduled for retirement as it is now a museum piece. Before that, it has one last mission to accomplish.

List of Adventures Edit

Crew Manifesto Edit

(To all wondering why I haven't asked you to join the crew, it's because I don't want to over saturate the story with too many characters. If you do want a character representing your self in then don't be afraid to ask. Also, this is for named Users only: SolZen321)

Ship ArmamentsEdit

Weapons and DefensesEdit


Trophy Room Edit

  • Shards of Armageddon Gospel's core: One of which was used to forge Captain SolZen a new sword.
  • Otaku Marine Helmets:
  • Shard of the Kishin Manhunter's Heart
  • Remains of the CPU of the War Eater:
  • Photograph of the entire and the Atlanta over the corpse of the Last Space Kraken
  • Drakon Shell Casing.
  • Piece of Necroform Queen Crest, held in preserving fluid.