Avian Class
Ship Type: Civilian Transport
Ship Class: Frigate
Crew Size: 1~5
Weight: TBA
Length: {{{Length}}}
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: TBA
Manufacturer: TBA
Armaments: None
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Utilities None
Affiliation Civilians
Human Alliance Union (Associated with)
Created by SolZen321

Appearance Edit

The Avian class is a Frigate size ship compose of three parts. The main ship and the side engine pods. Usually red, it is able to house five separate but Spartan rooms.

The Avian class, vanilla has no real means of communication beyond its Beacon as it was never meant for going out of civilized space.

Use Edit

The Avian Class is a small transport used as a ferry or small goods transport.