A relic of great power that rivals the Calamity Relics of Legend. It's true name is lost to time and its current name is because of its power. It current resides with SolZen

Appearance Edit

A vertical rectangular shaped device, with a rectangular emitter in the front. It has handles on its side similar to the of the Matrix.

Use Edit

The Ban Ray is a device capable of expelling the entirety of a being from a universe. Furthermore it has the power to keep that being sealed away from reality. With in its center is a crystal which serves as a Reality Anchor, which nullifies the powers of many godlike beings.

It is used as a beam.

History Edit

Hailing from an unknown time and civilization, the Ban Ray was scattered by unknown means and reasons. Why Shiny began his 'crusade', kicking of the Cyberbot Destroid War, the Atlanta and its crew searched for the device, reassembling it. With the device in his person SolZen battled Shiny aboard his flagship, ultimately banishing the demigod to Limbo

Trivia Edit

  • The device and its name come from the term used by User SolZen321, who is an admin on the UltraFan WIki. It was the term he used when he threatened to ban a user for their behavior on the Live Chat.

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