Homeworld: Unknown
Tech Age: Varies
Appearance: Human like, but sometimes with odd colored hair and eyes
Common Traits: Odd colored hair and eyes
Series: Galactic Robot War
Type: Neutral
Affiliation Planetary Federation (Officially)
Created by SolZen321
The most wide spread race in the Scorpio Galaxy. They resemble humans from Earth with certain exceptions. Their original name is lost to history and their current name comes from the being the 'Basic Bipedal of the Galaxy'

Appearance and Anatomy Edit

Basiks resemble humans, yet their range of eye and hair color is further than humans.. Basik eye color and hair color always match, naturally.

While they resemble humans, they have slightly better resistance to radiation.

They generally live around seventy years, with a hundred year old not being impossible.

Because their home world was a temperate planet like Earth, they have a higher environmental threshold than most species, which is part of the reason they were able to spread so far.

History Edit

The Basik race is possibly the oldest race in the galaxy. Records show ancient ruins on many wide spread planets, pointing to them as their makers. However their history has been forgotten and they are now spread across the Galaxy, their home world is not even known. While most Basik's are citizens of the Planetary Federation, they are spread much further than that, in practically every single Star Empire except the former Covenant, which members of their race are now migrating to, and the Chromium Common Wealth for obvious reasons..

Their treatment tends to vary from Empire to Empire; in the Planetary Federation, they are treated as the norm and standard citizens, in the Alliance, they hold no special place and do not even have a representative for their race. Some even see them as vermin. In the Cross System Empire, they are treated as second class citizens as all non-Imperials are. They know well enough to stay clear of the Mechanoid Zone

The Basik are so wide spread, their language is the unofficial language of the Galaxy, used as a standard of inter-species communication.

Members Edit

  • Prf. Anton Swede: Creator of the Big Series
  • Max Shinik: A rebel leader in the Cross System Empire
  • Mr. Ven: A lowly but arrogant scientist for the Federation.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name and place in the Galaxy comes from Basic, the Star War Equivalent of English, and the most wide spread language in the galaxy.
  • Their appearance, comes from Anime, where numerous characters have unnatural hair and eye colors

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