A race from the Scorpio Galaxy, they from the Planet Basta.

Appearance Edit

Bastians resemble anthropamorphic cats. They have double jointed legs, claws, cat noses, ears, eyes etc, but are humanoid in shape.

Gender Edit

They come in both males and females.

Traits Edit

Bastians are cat like in their abilities, agile, night visions, claws but are terrified of large bodies of water.

Culture Edit

Bastians care mainly about the self, they are known to be prissy, caring very much (perhaps too much) about their appearance and reputations. They have a tendency to look down on others and many are considered thieves due to their tendency to steal. They can be lazy and selfish but on the flip side they can obsess about something/one they find precious. Bastian culture is filled with drama.


Technology Edit

Bastians are known for their stealth technology, being one of the few races to master use of Cloaking Devices. They still use Pulse Rifles, but also have Sniper variants they install on their ships. They also have Warp Drives and have begun looking into Plasma Technology.

History Edit

Since their earliest memories, Bastians have warred with each other, their history is filled with lies and conspiracies. Even the arrival of the Imperials did not change this. Bastians may have stopped fighting, but they are not a united people.

In the galactic community they have become smugglers and thieves and sometimes even slavers. Their stealth technology means they are quarantined to their home system which does little to actually stop them from leaving.

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