A relatively rare and very useful metal.

Appearance Edit

Beryllium is steel gray.

Nature Edit

Created through Stellar Nuclear Synthesis, Beryllium is normally found in combination with other elements such as gemstones such Beryl (Aquamarine and Emeralds). It is strong, light weight and brittle alkaline metal.

It properties are improved by alloying it with other metals. Tools created like this are known for high structural rigidity, thermal stability, thermal conductivity and low density. This makes it desirable in creating aeorospace and aircraft parts, missiles, spacecraft and satellites.

It is transparent to X-Rays and other ionizing radiation which is why it is used in X-Ray procedures and particle physics experiments.

They are also used to create Control Crystals for Nuclear Fusion Reactors.

Trivia Edit

It is based off Atomic Number 4, actual Beryllium.

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