The first generation of the Big series created by the Federation and Alliance

Appearance Edit

Being the earliest generation they were rather crude looking with an upper body resembling a tank and arm that served little purpose than placement for weapons. Their legs were also the crude being large mainly to provide support. On the top is a large metal sphere with a black center, a type of photo receptor that resembles an eye.

Armaments Edit

The typical armament for a Big Alpha include...

  • Heavy Steel Armor: The armor used for large Spaceships and Space Stations. The Bigs sport triple layers on their upper body, making highly durable against conventional Blaster and Railgun weaponry. However against the might of a Techno Morph Titan, they are little more than punching bags.
  • Ship Class Gatling Turrets: Rail Gun Gatling guns, the kind normally seen on large warships, while able to shred through most enemy forces, they can be held back by Titan armor.
  • Laser Designator: From the 'eye' of the Big, a harmless laser can be emmited, it is used as a targeting mechanism for any other ships or vehicles fighting with the Big.
  • Missile: 105 MM rockets that are fired from the upper body. Like all missiles of that size they can cause of a few city blocks in diameter
  • Thrusters: Bigs rocket thrusters in the backs and legs to give them some level of agility, even though they are only used for landing and for the occasional awkward jump.
  • Uranium Generator: A powerful generator, a generator of this size is generally used only in Large spaceships and space stations.
  • Warhead Cluster: Inside their bodies are clusters of high yield missile warheads. They are meant to self destruct when the enemy has proven impossible to defeat by fair means. Safe to say most Big Pilots are unaware of them.

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