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Big Bang Missile is an ancient weapon use by T.S.A.B in Mahou Shoujo Brave War. It is a missile contain within iself a large ammount of energy. Whom it will realease by expande that energy into countless star, antimatter and dark matter.

Usage Edit

Thank to the high level off time-space manipluation technology T.S.A.B has. The process that taking up to billion of your are reduce to mere second. It even said that this missile can even create a new universe. Just like a real big bang do.

When activate, this missile will release a gigantic dimension bubble from it tip, this bubble contain within iself a universe inside enemy face. The dimension bubble will mostly concentrate into the radius off 100km

It can also be explode like a conventional missile, release upon contact an energy equal to the total energy Mass-Energy of the Universe

A Big Bang Missile are quite small despite it immense power. It length is 5 cm, and width are 1 cm. An standard warship from T.S.A.B can launch billion of these missile into the enemy.

However, it need the highest of permission by the leader of Saint Church, and Three Legendary Admiral in order to use.

This weapon was first use against Gaogaigar by T.S.A.B. And it fail dramatically, as Gaogaigar simply use his Protect Shade to asorb all the energy and fire it back into the T.S.A.B fleet, destroying in it, and maybe Earth if Gaia Law does not exist.

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