The last of the line, Epsilon was born not of typical technology but by copying Vandoracon Biology. Its inner structure is an experimental alloy which is an attempt to recreate transmetal. It has the ability of the previous generation but also bares self repair functions and several drones loaded in its hangars.

Unlike other Bigs however, once the pilot has gotten into the machine, they are fused permanently.

Appearance Edit

It resembles the previous generation but sports yellow and green instead of normal Imperial colors.

Armaments Edit

  • Optic Beam: The Bigs can now fire laser beams from their eyes, they are able to melt through typical heavy steel armor with relative ease.
  • Plasma Cannon: Its hands transform into twin spinning pincers. The energy field they generate are for holding/charging and then firing blaster bolts.
  • Armor: They bear the armor of the prior generation plus the extra armor which holds missile payloads. They can fire their missile without having to open their armor.
  • Thrusters: Bigs now sport powerful Plasma thrusters. In their legs and back, these allow them to operate in the air and give greater speed.
  • Ubonium Generator: A powerful generator, a generator of this size is generally used only in Large spaceships and space stations.
  • Inner Skeleton: So long as its faux transmetal structure is working, the Epsilon can slowly heal over time.
  • Warhead Cluster: Inside their bodies are clusters of high yield missile warheads. They are meant to self destruct when the enemy has proven impossible to defeat by fair means. Safe to say most Big Pilots are unaware of them. The Warheads of Big Epsilon are nuclear.
  • Transformation: The Big can now transform into a small cruiser, able to use the Warp Conduits and move across the galaxy on their own.
  • Drones: Epsilon produces drones inside its structure to use for repairing or to attack.


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