Bio-Morphs is short for Bio-Mechanical Techno Morphs. They are a race of transmetal beings of unknown origins. They tend to take on animal alternate modes.

Biology Edit

As members of Maxion's Species, they are composed of Mechanical cells, taking on biomechanical anatomies.

Examples of Biological Abilities/Functions Edit

  • Transformation: As their name suggests, they can transform into alternate mode, usually bio-mechanical forms resembling animals. To do this, their bodies recongifure themselves, merging and re-purposing limbs to take on this new form.
  • Multi Visions Sensors: Bio-Morphs can see not only visible light, but their other optical sensors, allowed them to see, Infrared, EM Vsions (centered around electrical activity) and others. Their eyes can also produce scanning lasers.
  • Repurposed limbs: They can alter their anatomy, partially, to produce weapons and tools.
  • Voice Boxes: A biomechanical organ which translates electrical inputs into sound. Without one, a Bio-Morph can only generate EM waves for communication.
  • Ethium Converter: Containing their Bio-Core, it is the part that uses Ethium to produce power and also distribute the substance around the body.
  • Magnetic Joints: Serve to lessen strain on joints and reduce trauma.
  • Onboard Computers: Installed to their electronic brains are operating systems that assist, in diagnostics, memory retrieval and other similar functions. These are not natural to them.

History Edit

Members of Maxion's species both good and bad members fought in the war that emerged after Maxion's departure. The good members seek Maxion to help stop the evil Renegades who plot conquest.

List of Bio-Morphs Edit

Good Edit

  • Optimum Maximal: Turns into a Bear and then an ATV vehicle
  • Sky Haul: Turns into a large bird-of-prey and a Variable Wing Fighters
  • Terra Claw: Turns into a Bio-mechanical Lion and then a high speed tank
  • Tiger Heart: Turns into a bio-mechanical big cat and then a motorcycle.
  • Horn Maximum: Turns into a Bio-mechanical bison/bull and then a truck. His is Optimum's most trusted friend.
  • Hot Streak: The youngest of the good Bio-Morphs, is the only one not to turn into an animal, instead he becomes a red alien car/jet.

Bad Edit

  • Sky Jaws: A servant of Stingerettte, turns into a bio-mechanical shark and then a speed boat
  • Stingerette: Turns into a scorpion and then a car, plots the downfall of Optimum. To this end she leads a splinter group.
  • Onslaught: Transforms into a bio-mechanical crab and tank/jet hybrid. He is a sadistic creature
  • Magma Ton: Transforms into T-Rex like biomechanical creature, then a truck. Is viscous and scheming and plots against both Stingerette and Optimum, while serving the later.
  • Night Prowl: Transforms into a biomechanical bat and then a stealth bomber, is a stealth expert

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