An example of Cold Fusion technology.

Nature Edit

Bio Reactors, are similar to Fusion Cells, they are structures wherein the nature of organic compounds/molecules are used to generate electrical power. This could be anything from enzymes reacting to organic compounds, or the energy released by causing the molecules to break apart, like in Fusion Cells. The organic compounds/materials may be used with other ingredients in an energy producing reaction which released electricity and/or heat.

Most Bio Reactors use a predesignated organic solution (bio-fuel) to run. Examples of these are Ethanol, and Bio-Diesel.

While most Bio Reactors are considered clean/green energy, there are some forms of it that are immoral and rightfully outlawed. Chief among them is the practice called 'Pink Alchemy'. Generally only used technoist Mechanoids, it is outlawed because it involves the processing of living organic material (people) which is converted into fuel for them.

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