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"Maybe word hurt people more than weapon, but silent hurt them more than word"


Blanker is a Targetmaster and a member of "Zen Seibertron Teikoku" secrect police

Personality Edit

In the past, Blanker is a man with few word who let his action speak for him. This behaviour come from a belief that word hurt people more than weapon. He never utter any word even when having intercourse with his wife (which ofcourse, a human). But after his wife left him heartbrokened due to his silent. Blanker finally break and start talking non-stop. His behaviour completely changed ever since his wife left him. Afterall she has teach him a valuable lesson that word maybe hurt more than weapon but silent is even more dangerous.

Thankfully they reconciled and Blanker live happily with his new personality.

Power And Abilities Edit

Blanker strength is above average, by Transformers standard. But his talent lies in markmanship, even through he is not able to shot the target at insanly long range like Blast Off, he can still effectively shoot any target on planetary rangequickly and accurately. His main advantage lies in speed not range. Blast Off need atleast five minutes to strike down one target at long range but Blanker can take down multiple target at avarage range in second. In car mode, Blanker speed is Mach 3.2 to Mach 32. He is armed with the following weapon.

  • Secrect Police Standard Armanent: Since he is a member of Secrect Police, Blanker is armed with a Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol and a set of eighteen grenade with 6 Frag Grenade, 6 Energon Grenade, 6 EMP Grenade.
  • Buit In Weaponry: His shoulder tire can be use as a Energon particle cannon or can shoot out explosive energon packet like machine gun. He is also armed with a missile launcher on each leg that can lauched a barrage of six deadly homing missile contain sonic warhead and state of the art propulsion system.
  • Spoiler Shield: Other than those weapons, his spoiler turn into a durable shield that equiped with a sophisticate propulsion system that can either be used like a deadly cutting boomerang or he can just shoot the whole thing at the enemy. This shield is also armed with six mini plasma cannon port that have three mode "Focus Beam","Burst","Packet". This shield can also become a folding chair
  • Peaceman: His targetmaster partner who turn into a Tri-Barrelled Sonic Rifle that shoot pointy projectile at light speed. Due to the immense speed, every time he fired this weapon, he generate a high frequency sound wave that only disrupt his enemy perception. Peaceman, can also shoot out highly focus energon beam as an alternative. His rate of fire is also very high
  • Cyber Key Power: Like all Transformers, Blanker can use a Cyberkey to unlock new weapon. In his case Blanker can use a Cyberkey to make four gun barrel pop out from each of his tire. Those barrel are actually Sonic Rifle that can shoot projectile at lightspeed. Peaceman can control the innertia of the projectile to help Blanker hit the enemy better.
  • Force Chip Ignition: Blanker can use a force chip to increase his speed tenfold. And actually make his gun and missile shoot out Faster Than Light projectile.

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