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[From Datatrax Of Shinning Convoy]

Blast Off
Blast Off
The last thing you see beforce he put a hole in your head
Vital statistics
Position Combatron Sniper
Age 14 Billion
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 10 meter
Weight 38 ton
If i want a badass sniper helping me dealing with enemy, i come to Blast Off. This guy is so badass he make that amateur kid Lockon Stratos look like a wimpy wangsty jerk.

Personality Edit

Blast Off is a nice and humble bot that so friendly he makes other bots think that he not a sniper. However, when is come to battle he will shot anything that not Human or Cybertronian with no remorse or whatever. Due to his job as a snipers, he is very shy around girl, but he still want to settle down with a human and having a "Little Blast Off" with her. We currently trying to fix that up

Abilities And Armanent Edit

Blast Off can snipe a guy standing on Earth-Mahou Shoujo while STANDING ON EARTH-PRIMAX. That why we called him "The Most Badass Sniper In The Multiverse". He doesn't even need to see his target, all he need is the target position and then *blam*, he dead. But the bad thing is Blast Off can't snipe people while standing on a Planet. He is equiped with the following weapon.

  • X-Ray Laser: With this kickass nose cone laser Blast Off can hit his target with pinpoint accuracy from another UNIVERSE. But this laser required alot of skill to use so Blast Off is the only guy who can use it.
  • Ionic Blaster: I really appreciates Blast Off talent. Enough to honor him by giving Blast Off with a version of my Ion Blaser. Blast Off really like this and considered it one of the most treasured achievement in his life
  • Double Blast Cannon: Even through he is a sniper, Blast Off also armed himself with a pair of Wave Motion Gun to remind his enemy that he is not suck as close combat
  • CYBER KEY POWER: Blast Off can call upon a Cyber Key to increased his fire power. In his vechicle mode the Cyber Key unlock three "Duel Barrell X-Ray Laser" one pop up from the upper side of his fuselage, two pop up from the left and right side of his engine. Those cannon can shot a cluster laser that split into atleast 60 laser beam, along with his nosecone X-Ray Laser who can shot 20 more beam, effectively raining death and destruction on the enemy. He called such attack "Death X Volley". In his robot mode however, he cannot use such attack but the Cyber Key instead give him a pair of high powered double missile launcher that pop up from his shoulder and modifiying his body so he can open up his chest area and revealed atleast 100 missile laucher. Those missile can even split to become more missile creating a barrage of OVER 500 missile coming at the enemy. This attack is named "Blasted Barrage".
  • FORCE CHIP IGNITION: If he doesn't want additional power, Blast Off can use a Force Chip to increase the output of his X-Ray Laser to the point it become a wave motion cannon,. He can also use that with his "Double Blast Cannon" and if he use those weapon along with his "Cyber Key Power" he will become overloaded and need medical attention. Hypothetically he can vaporize a Cybertronian with a shot from X-Ray Laser while using force chip. To vaporize a Transformer it take atleast enough energy to destroy the Milky Way Galaxy 2119500 times. When he using Force Chip along with Cyberkey Power ... let just say the universe won't be the same again.
  • Auto Limiter: Just like everyone else. Blast Off need a limiter to prevent himself from destroy the universe.

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