A female teacher at the academy. Teaches Computer related topics and Space Ship procedures. Is also possibly crazy.

Appearance Edit

Blitz is a blue robot with a female Build. She is tall with car doors on her arms, tires on her back and her ankles. She is also skinny.

Personality Edit

Blitz is a bot with who while capable of what she does, is possibly insane, with noted mood swings and a tendency to forget people she should know.

Abilities and Armaments Edit

  • Agility: Blitz is highly agile, and often uses that in her fighting.
  • Double Heavy Blasters: Her arms spot double blaster which fire bolts of plasma in rapid succession.
  • Tech Savy: Blitz is more adapt at dealing with machines than she is with people.

Transformation Edit

Blitz changes into a sports car

  • Car to Robot: Blitz's door become her arms. Her interior compresses onto her back as he front wheel swing back and her car front becomes chest armor. Her feet come down from the underside of the car, making the back wheel ankle armor as the back plits apart and up to become her legs.

History Edit

Blitz was one of the many female bots who fought in the skirmishes after the great war. The result was brain damage that called of her career. Her friend Manhandle got her a job as a teacher.

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