Alternate Form(s): B2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber), MBT (Main Battle Tank)
Age: Unknown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world: Cybertron
Series: Transformers: Fury
Type: Villain
Family Unknown
Affiliation Decepticons
Created by Zombiejiger

Blitzwing is a lunatic triple-changer who can become a tank or a plane, depending on his mood.


Robot ModeEdit

Blitzwing is a purple, tan and grey robot with large wings on his back. His face is black with a jack-o-lantern-like design. He weilds a large double-barreled weapon that forms his turret in tank mode, this is grey with large spikes on the end.

Bomber ModeEdit

Bliztwing's plane mode is a B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber that is purple and tan. Other than that it is like any other B2 Spirit.


Blitzwing's tank mode is a completely made up tank with lots of angles. The turret is grey, with a large, spiked muzzle brake. It has an autoloading cannon, with four energy blasts a "magazine." The front is piked to deflect shots, and the vehicle is rather fast compared to other MBTs and MBT 'formers.


Blitzwing is a lunatic. His moods change from calm and collected to enraged and frenzied to completely psycho.


  • Double-Electron Cannon: Blitzwing's tank mode's turret can be removed and used as a gun.
  • Electron Scimitar: Blitzwing has a purple energy sword that can be used for close combat.

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