• SolZen321

    Knights Vs Dragons

    July 2, 2018 by SolZen321

    Hey, SolZen here. Those that know my work on Ultraman and Ultra Fan Wiki, are familiar with the fact that I do blogs there, editorials and even tutorial. I decided it was long past due that I do some of those here. I may also do something similar on one of the other wikis, but for now this topic is about Super Robots, specifically the exploration of an idea, a theory from the perspective of the Super Robot Genre.

    So come along as I rattle on and pretend to be smarter than I actually am, and who know you may learn something.

    The theory in question, is one I have come up with, a thematic distillation of several fairy tale and modern stories, especially in Tokusatsu, which I call, the Knight versus Dragon Theory. Simply put, the stereotypical s…

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  • Sentinel 72

    What's Next?

    December 26, 2016 by Sentinel 72

    So after I've finished writing the Astral Imperial Army. I had nothing else to do other than staring at red links thinking on what should I write next. So, which page should I write first?

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  • SolZen321

    While this Wiki is for Super Robot, there is nothing in the rulse stating that I can't talk about something else in a blog.

    This is my idea for a game, a mixture of Warhammer 40K, the Fallout Franchise and Space Engineers. I am not writing this as some sort of preview, I have no experience making such things, nor the computer needed for such a task, nor the money (at this point in time) to buy something like that.

    This idea started out as an idea for a Space Engineers, a Clone Army mod, basically create a device to create NPC to help the player, in the form of a loyal clone army. As I though about how it would work, the logistics of the progamming/algorithms (thank you all my programming teachers, even you Ms. Best, for hardwiring my brain l…

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  • Thaxander12

    So what is the difference between super sentai and here? Do we get to make our own rangers here and do other cool things?

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  • SolZen321

    Art to help with Drawing

    February 1, 2016 by SolZen321

    Hey guys, I'm posting these pictures to help users in drawing image for Profiles on character pages. I know it seems weird since I generally don't draw anything, but if someone wants/needs help, hopefully these will.

    I am an art fan, so pictures like these that I find on the web I want to admire, especially concept art. So here I will be posting pictures I have found of concept art, that you can use to help you sketch/draw a robot of your own.

    While I'm trying to help, mine is not the be-all on how to draw a robot and I sugest finding professional books etc.

    Note: If anyone asks me to take down these pictures, as they claim ownership, I will. Also don't post these pictures as your characters.

    Firstly, the basic rules of creating a giant robot,…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, SolZen here, I'm doing this blog to help anyone who wants to create their own transformers robot. I don't know about drawing, that's something else entirely, but as for designing them, this may help.

    Firstly you may want to choose which style you are going with. These will determine what kind of transformation they will do. Here are the main styles I can think up, bit if you can think of more I will add them.

    • 70's Style: This one has your bot is the smooth, curved body famous with bots like Tetsujin 28 a.k.a. Gigantor, Ambassador Magma and the like. Here you don't have to worry about a too realistic transformation if you don't want too.
    • 80's Style: Think G1 transformers, blocky bodies and a bit more realistic transformation (not alw…

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