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Vital statistics
Position Psychiatrist / Brave Express Aniki
Age 14 Billion
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.70 m
Weight 68 kg
As the only psychiatrist in Zen Seibertron Teikoku, Bombshell role is very important. Without him, the whole ZST could have gone crazy by now. Due to alot of personality quirk that other Transformer have Bombshell day are alway busy. His job is to basically keep the ZST from going insane, and he did a very good job as it.

Personality Edit

Bombshell is very good man at heart. He wanted to cure the mental condition of his patient as fast and as sastifying as possible. He doesn't hate Personality Quirk since it that what make people interesting, he just doesn't like it when a guy Personality Quirk become so rampant, he be a threat to his allies. When somebody with Personality Quirk come to Bomshell office, he will not force them to drop that quirk. Bombshell will redirected the way his patient Personality Quirk so that it will hurt the enemy instead of allies. However, if he has no way to redirect it, Bombshell will force people to drop their personality quirk.

Even through he have Cerebro Shell as a way to brainwash people. He doesn't since "Freedom Is The Right Of All Sentient Being". He hate to use Cerebro Shell and only using it when nesscecary. But when he use it, he will make sure that the victim doesn't become a mindless drone. Instead, he become a man with new personality that doesn't hurt the safety of Earth. And he even inform the guy that he is being brainwashed. Bombshell give him a vision of their new personality and how it will make him being likable. All of the time, the victim agreed to be brainwashed.

Bombshell really hate the type of people who want to destroy everything, just for the sake of it, and will brainwashing them so they become less crazy.

However, when is come to Xeno. Bombshell doesn't show any mercy. To him, the Xeno are unworthly of the concept "life" just like how ZST view them. Due to that belief, Bombshell will brainwash the Xeno without any regard, and will twist the Xeno mind untill become his mind become a messy pile of contradictory slag. Since to him and ZST for that matter, "Xeno" are not "Sentient Being", they're "something" that so digusted, their existence alone is an insult to the sacred concept of "life" iself. His behaviour toward Xeno is justifiable.

His most memorable patient however is Sayaka Miki. A magical girl who came close into despair. After curing her mental condition, he fell in love with the girl and considered her his life partner.

Power And Abilities Edit

Bombshell fighting power is relatively weak, since he is not a fighter. But his main power is the ability to cure the mental condition of his allies. Due to being the only psychiatrist in ZST, his Psychology Prowess is very high. He actually being able to cure all the mental condition of ZST, turning all off them into "good guy". And by "good guy" i mean the ZST definition of "good guy". However, his most powerful power is the immense luck he have. Ever since, he is born, Bombshell is absurdly lucky. Thank to his luck he actually become one of the eight Transformers from Earth-Mahou Shoujo who is still alive. And has gained a Energon Matrix from Primus in the process. With his Energon Matrix, Bombshell can now brainwashed concept and god, but he still can't brainwashed anything beyond god like Supreme God or Primordial God. (i,e Convoys,Brave,Precure).

History Edit

Bombshell is born when the soul of Senpuji Maito reincarnate into a Matrix. Due to the trainwreck that is Bravarion. He decide to become a psychiatrist to cure the PTSD of his people.

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