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The Book of Shinyness  is an ancient Artifact that had been under TSAB investigation several years prior to the events of Lord Omniverse 0: C.V.L Cronicle

Appearances Edit

The Book of Shinyness appears in A Different Perspective only. It first appears on Hayate's bookshelf in chains.

The Book of Shinyness may be more accurately described as a collection of artifacts and technologies. In addition to the Book itself, which is a storehouse for stolen knowledge and spells, it also includes different components. The whole Unison Device is reprogrammed and renamed upon Hayate's awakening

History Edit

The origins of the Book are unknown. It was presumably created before or during the God War and originally served as a episonage tool for Zen Seibertron Teikoku to spies on Negative Omniverse safely. It fed off the energy of its masters and eventually killed them if they didn't fill its pages with magic. On the other hand, if they did, the Defense Program would go out of control, kill them, and cause a massive dimensional dislocation before going dormant again in another part of the Omniverse, allowing the vicious cycle to continue. The Book could be destroyed but not for long, as it would regenerate in a few seconds, beginning the cycle anew.

The final Book of Shinyness incident took place in *********. During the incident, the entire book was reprogrammed by its final master, Hayate Yagami, purging it of the Defense Program, which was then destroyed by Nanoha Takamachi and the others. To stop the Defense Program from regenerating once and for all, the Book's Master Program also had to sacrifice herself.

Effect Edit

The Book Of Shinyness is a tool use to determine the strength of the Negative Omnivere magic user in order for Shining to prepare the troop for his invasion of Negative Omniverse. However, this become backfire as Hayate Yagami, after knowing the book true intention use the book to sabotage the Zen Seibertron Teikoku. Increase her power level into the Yuusha Level along with all her knight.

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