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Brave Armour is the essence of a Brave God condensed in armor form. They have two form the "Standby Mode" is a miniature item, and "Battle Form" a.k.a the Armor. Other than that, they can also combine with each other to create a whole new armor. Some member of the convoy council can also become Brave Armor.

Origins Edit

Brave Armour are the Brave God themselves, sealed by Grandark after they defeat him. All of them are scattered throught all 10 Area, waiting for someone to pick them up. Some become Brave Armors themselves due to being sealed by Chaos.

List of Armor Edit

Kaiser Armor: Contain the soul and power of Exkaiser, it owner is Yumehara Nozomi a.k.a Cure Dream. This armor have the ability to undergone King Mode to become King Kaiser Armor

Raker Armor G: Contain the power of Green Raker. it owner is Akimoto Komachi a.k.a Cure Mint

Raker Armor B: Contain the power of Blue Raker. It owner is Natsuki Rin

Raker Armor U: Contain the power of Ultra Raker, the combine form of G and B.

Sky Armor : Contain the power of Sky Max, It owner is Minazuki Karen a.k.a Cure Aqua

Land Armor: Contain the power of Drill Max, it owner is Mimino Kurumi a.k.a Drill Max

Water Armor: Contain the power of Dash Max. It owner is Katsugano Urara a.k.a Cure Lemonade

God Armor: The Combine form of Sky, Land, Water Armor. It contain the power of God Max

Ptera Armor: Contain the power of Ptera Geist

Brachi Armor: Contain the power of Thunder Geist

Tricera Armor: Contain the power of Horn Geist

Stego Armor: Contain the power of Thunder Geist

Mad Armor: Contain the power of Four Dinosaur Amor. It power is base on Mad Geister.

Dino Armor: The strongest armor from Kaisers Set, it power can only be matched from Great Kaiser Armor.

Dragon Armor: Nozomi Second armor, it power is base on Dragon Kaiser. It can combine with King Kaiser Armor to from Great Armor.

Firebird Armor: This armor is base on Fighbird, it can transform into Armed Mode

Grand Armor: This armor is base on Granbird, it can transform into Armed Mode and can Combine with Firebird Armor to create Great Firebird Armor.

Victory Leo No Yoroi:

Star Saber No Yorui

Guilty No Yoroi

Reverse No Yoroi

Express Armor

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