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A Reactor that can theoratically produce infinite energy. It function using a temporal time-loop and Ununtrium core, along with an exo-skeleton made using Ununtrium. However, it only generated infinite Energy when the user have Spark and central computer sosphisticated enough. This reactor is made by the ZST in their "Brave Project". The goal of the Project is to created a small army of robot with power equal to a Brave. This reactor is so hard to make since it function are made to replicate Chokon Power.

But is not easy to make one, however. Due to an absurd ammount of complex machinery and techonology required. Even the godly ZST can't do it, while they first invented the theory. But they still be able to product enough material to make 15 reactor. Any robot who used that reactor will be able to generated a big ammount of energy, however, only the sentience one can truly generated infinite energy. Luckily for Earth, the ZST put those reactor into 15 crated, along with other type of material, including liquid G-Metal and shipped them to Planet Master. However those crate are being intercepted by the T.S.A.B and lost. But in fact they collided with Earth. In the year 2014, the Mitakihara City Police Force, founded those crates. They immediately set up a project to created a small team of Brave Robot to defend Earth using them. Calling it Brave Police Project.

Characteristic Edit

This reactor is a two core Ununtrium reactor, placed in a special casing that generated an eneternal time-loop. By using this time-loop, it can convert the Ununtrium core to energy then do it again, again and again. Theoratically making it output per second equal to the same ammount of energy the core released in it lifetime. But the catch is the resonance between the core. With resonance the reactor can generate two time the energy, compare to a one core reactor. Syncronization between two reactor can also squared the total energy ouput. Then, by using alongside with an Ununtrium Exo-skeleon and a sosphiticated super computer, it can resonated further with every single nano-machine in the exo-skeleton. Generated an ammount of energy equal to the total ouput of the reactor power ^69. Due to such intense ammout of energy, Brave Reactor ouput is so high, when put in a calcutor, the result is alway infinite.

Theory Realized Edit

However, when Honoka Yukishiro, a 16 year old prodigy with intelligence un-paralled by any scientist realized that theory. She immidiately turn into her Cure Form after figure out all the mathematics problem and use her Cure Form strength to put the reactor together, in three day. Even through the whole ZST, a.k.a a Multiversal Empire whom every single member are godly transforming robot can't realized the theory giving the time of 1 Million Years.

Impressed by her intelligence, the Mitakihara Police Deparment, let Honoka in charge of the Project. Thank to that, Deckerd completed in just one month. A feat that so impressed, even Shinning Convoy, whom has goes through alot of dimensional, timey-wimey stuff getting amazed by her intelligence.

Robot And Vechicle That Using The Reactor Edit

_ Deckerd

_ J-Roader

_ Power Joe

_ Dumpson

_ Mac Crane

_ Shadowmaru

_ Kagerou

_ Drill Boy

_ Gun Max

_ Duke

_ Fire Roader

_ Ringo King

_ Jonh Bishop

_ Paul Rook

_ George Pawn

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