[Since the site i post the original version is down, due to the people on that site treat the sponsor like trash and he thrown a fit by shutdown the whole server {served them right}, I have to post the whole fic here.]

Viewer Discretion is Advised: Bad world, Lemon, Dark Humour

Disclaimer: All the Character except the Original Charracter all belong to their Respective Owner

An epic saga set in a whole new Omniverse that involved nearly all Anime, Cartoon, Live-Action, Manga that exist.

Series That Will Definitely Appear:


_Brave Series


_Every Single Super Robot Series 

_Every Single Real Robot Series

_Super Sentai

_Power Ranger

Series That Will Never Appear:

_Gurren Lagann (Fan will tear me apart)

_Ultraman ( out of loves )

_Demonbane ( So OP )

_Umineko ( So OP )

_Warhammer 40k ( Grimdark )

Summary Edit

After billion years of constant fighting and monitoring the Zen Seibertron Teikoku, Burning Convoy, their glorious and handsome leader decide to give up his position and retired on Earth along with his gang. But that doesn't mean his life is out of trouble, however, as more trouble begin to brew up on Earth as well.

Charracter Edit

Shinning Convoy: Or , Burning Convoy as he once call himself. A very nice and gentle man, but under his nice and gentle face, he is a monster. A monster that defend the Earth and everybody live in it.

Bombshell: A man with luck so high, his techspec ranked his luck as over 9000. Thank to his luck, he has become the leader of the Brave Express.

Bumblebee: The youngest of Shinning Convoy gang and the weakest physically. But thank to the great "education system" of Zen Seibertron Teikoku, he is just as crazy and hotblooded as the rest of the gang.

Megatron: Prince of planet Combatron, but dress like a homeless man. Broke up from the gang to find his ideal princess.

Starscream: Megatron loyal adviser and the guy that every member of the gang goes to, when they need romantic advice. His goal is to get laid and marries a cute girl. Just like the rest of the gang.

Grimlock: Bodyguard of Bumblebee, very dumb. So dumb that he doesn't what is "weak" and what is "strong" so he just protect everybody that Shinning Convoy want him to protect. He like smart people and disliked dumb people.

Chapter Edit

Chap 1: Immigration

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