Turns into a tank: Gigatron's bodyguard and most loyal subordinate.


In robot form, his arms are the tracks and wheels of his vehicle mode, with his claws sticking out of the last wheel. He is a tall bulky bot with a cannon on his back. He has a normal pair of eyes but no mouth which is replaced by a face plate.


Brawn is best described as a dumb brute, he thinks little but revers Gigatron with an almost religious zeal. Anyone who dares insult Gigatron or the Darkcon cause is likely to be reduced to molten metal or ashes by him. He is often at odds with Strifer, who he watches like a hawk.


Like his name suggests, Brawn is a brute of a warrior, requiring someone of Prime strength to match or even overpower him.

Weapon Tech and Abilities

  • Assault Guns: A gun with three separate barrels that fire together at high speed. The fire Ethium Streaker shells, that melt through common armor.
  • Proton Cannon: The cannon on his back, fires a powerful beam of energy that can take down the average bot in one shot.
  • Cluster Missile launchers: Fired from his chest, the explosives explode like fireworks raining down explosive balls of plasma.

Vehicle Mode

Brawn transforms into a M1 Abrams Tank, when on Earth and an alien tank when not.

Weapon Tech and Abilities

  • Cannon: Fires Ethium Plasma shells that are more destructive than Earth weaponry.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Brawn tracks move forward, his hands fold out of the last wheel as they become more arm like. The back of the tank unfolds into legs and as he gets up the front morphs into an upper body and abdominal region as his head pops out and his cannon moves to his shoulder.