An Organization that is devoted to finding ways of dealing with the Kishin

Nature Edit

CBST is a military organization devoted to finding ways of dealing with the Kishin threat. It is a rather background organization that works to develop weapons and strategies as opposed to actually fighting them. Beyond that they also gather any tech they can and Kishin remains.

History Edit

After the first Kishin attacks and the appearance of subject Beta, it became clear in following Kishin attacks that the military was unable to do any significant damage. As a result the organization was created to research ways of fighting the threat.

They are partnered with Fusion Industries, in the research of all Kishin related discoveries.

Bases Edit

  • Base Alpha: An underground bunker, Kishin remains are stored here and studied.
  • Base Beta: A facility in the desert where new weapons are tested.
  • Base Gamma: A space station built to monitor for incoming Kishin.

Weapons and Technology Edit

  • Harpoon Gun: Used in an attempt to hold down Kishin. Fired from highly pressurized gas.
  • Microwave Cannon: Require two people to use and a long time to recharge, this experimental weapon is used against any robotic target with varying success. It mainly knocks them down as opposed to damaging them.
  • Geiger Counter: Modified Geiger Counters for detecting the Radiation unique to Subject Beta.
  • Wrist Mounted Communicators.
  • Tracer Rounds: Special rounds used to mark targets with a special radioactive residue.

Members Edit

  • Agent Krieger: Seeks to remove all of the robotic anomalies plaguing Earth. Works closely with Ms. Potter.
  • Various Agents: Usually wearing shades and black suits. They are often armed.

Things of Note Edit

  • R.E.s: The term used to refer to Kishin and Subject Beta. Robotic Extraterrestrials
  • Subject Beta: So named as the second known R.E., it is Sara's robot form.

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