A slab soldier created to fight for the Cross System Empire.

Appearance Edit

A humanoid in space age armor, that resembles medieval knight armor. They have red markings to note their ranks. The common soldiers have only red left arms, while commanders, who are actual Imperials, have red helmets.

Nature Edit

The low ranking soldiers are Slabs, artificially grown humanoid slaves. They are augmented with cybernetic, bonding them to their armor and maintaining complete control. Their intelligence is rudimentary, making them very easy to outsmart. They have ingrained communication systems that link them to a Communications Systems and their commanding officer.

Armaments Edit

  • Armor: A ceramic armor over a kevlar body suit. The armor can withstand typical bullets.
    • Commanders: Their suits are armored astronaut suits, being form fitting, they provide protection from space, radiation, high temperatures and command over nearby troopers.
  • Blaster: CS Imperial Blaster

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