Known as a weapons developer, he designed several weapons and defenses.

Appearance Edit

Cadroplex wears red and orange armor plating. His helmet as a single ridge in the middle and he sports hover vents on his back and calves.

Personality Edit

An original Vandoricon, Cadroplex served a similar role to Maxion Prime, as a weapons developer. He worked to improve the efficiency of weaponry. His true interests are in energy, the bullying and manipulation of zero mass particles and other energy currencies.

He is enthusiastic about science and new breakthroughs. He is not a fighter.

History Edit

An original Vandoricon, he was a specialist in energy efficiency. He was highly respected in his field.

After the Great Change, he was enthralled in his new form, but joined Sagus and her exodus away from the Predabot Fights. At Maxion's base, he devoted himself to improving Maxion's formula.

After the wars, he took interest in Engen, and its forms, applications and production, making him a very important bot.

Armaments Edit

  • Plasma Cannons: Installed in his forearms.
  • Increased Efficiency: Due to his research, he can last long than most on the same amount of fuel.

Alternate Mode Edit

  • Hover vehicle: A medium size alien car, that hovers.

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