A scientist whose work in miniturization allowed Vandoricons to have tools and/or weaponry installed in their armor, making him a Paragon.

Appearance Edit

Caminus wear medium armor of yellow and brown, his helmet has a curved in at the back and he wears a cape of armor plating.

Personality Edit

Caminus is a bot dedicated to furthering his race's understanding of the universe. He is particularly interested in the artifacts of Atem Magnus, who despite his fear of the Titan, he holds great respect for. He is unfortunately held back by the Empire, who he has come to despise like many (probably all) of his race.

History Edit


Armaments Edit

  • Armor: Caminus wears medium level armor as a scientist. It hold a support system increasing his strength
  • Armory: Caminus' armor stores a large number of small versions of weapons, making him a walking arsenal

Trivia Edit

  • His name is from a character in IDW's Transformers comic series.

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