Homeworld: Castra
Tech Age: Space Age
Appearance: Feline Humanoids
Common Traits: TBA/
Series: Super Robot Diary
Type: Varies
Affiliation Galactic Pan Species Alliance
Created by SolZen321

The Castra are a rather feline race from the Vandoran home galaxy.

Appearance and Biology. Edit

The Castra appear very human like, but bear resemblance to felines. Some of them have tails but they are otherwise built like humans beyond their long pointed ears. They come from a temperate planet, from a world like Earth. This is why they can migrate to more worlds than most.

Unlike humans, Castra females are only fertile certain times of the year.

Technology Edit

The Castra are a standard Space Age Species, with blasters, starships and forcefields. They achieve FTL mainly by Warp Gates but later switched to Warp Drives.

History Edit

One of the races plagued by the Vandorans, they joined together with others to form the Galactic Pan Species Alliance, to fight them, resulting in the perceived extinction of the race.

Members of the Species Edit

Starships Edit

  • Castra Freighter:
  • Castra Warship:

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